Comprehensive Policy Brief to the EU Commission – A roadmap to decolonial Arctic research

Image caption The roadmap is finsihed and handed over to EU Polarnet 2 as the main client and funder

This is the roadmap


1) Elaborate a strategic Roadmap for the EU research funding bodies (EU Commission, JRC, etc) to achieve successful inclusion of Indigenous rightsholders and Indigenous knowledge into the EU project and funding landscape: -calls for projects, -proposal and project evaluation -funding 

2) Provision of mechanism to EU. PolarNet for implementation of 

•The European Polar Research.Programme and EU White Paper 
* Tasks of the future European Polar Coordination Office (EPCO

3) Provide support  for future project calls for research, focusing on the methodologies, applications, and impacts of co-creative approaches in Arctic research

Financial/grant information:

Funding from: EU PolarNET