PsyXpress SE: Demonstration of PsyXpress in Speciality Enzyme (SE) production and development

Expression of Green Fluorescent Protein from Aliivibrio wodanis

The global market for proteins and enzymes is large and growing. The demand for novel enzymes and the requirement to reduce production costs drives the request for novel expression systems and expansion of the protein expression toolbox. PsyXpress has received interest from several commercial actors. In our effort to bring PsyXpress to the market, specialty enzymes has been recognized as a promising target group. Specialty enzymes are characterized by low volumes, high purity and high price. The aim of the proposed PsyXpress SE project is to demonstrate commercially viable production of specialty enzymes from two industrial partners, as well as one UiT test case. The project includes production, purification and testing of enzymes, and evaluation of the performance of the PsyXpress production technology.

Start: May 15. 2020
End: November 15. 2020

Project categories: Applied Research
Academic disciplines: Biotechnology
Keywords: Heterologous expression


Funding: MABIT


Peik Haugen
Jenny Johansson Söderberg