PsyXpress 1.0 - a novel system for the expression of challenging enzymes

Aliivibrio wodanis (the expression host)

The main objective of PsyXpress is to develop a commercial system for efficient production of cold-active enzymes. The system is based on a sub-Arctic bacterium that grows surprisingly fast to very high densities at low temperatures, it is sensitive to commonly used antibiotics, expression of enzymes can be induced, its genome is known, and its genes can be manipulated in a site-specific fashion by use of genetic tools.

So far, we have developed a prototype expression system and tested more than twenty commercially relevant cold-adapted enzymes. Fourteen of the cases resulted in soluble enzymes, which is far better than what can be expected when using conventional systems, such as E. coli. Further developments of the system towards a commercially viable product, either in the form of commercial kits with live cells and reagents or as service where the service provider does cloning and expression, is on-going at UiT The arctic university of Norway.

Start: September 01. 2019
End: June 30. 2020

Project categories: Applied Research
Academic disciplines: Biotechnology
Keywords: Heterologous expression


Funding: Research Council of Norway (RCN)


Peik Haugen
Jenny Johansson Söderberg