Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Geometry addresses fundamental questions about spaces of various dimensions and shapes. This includes spaceforms of metric theory, spacetimes of relativity, and homogeneous spaces in Cartan and other generalized geometries (including projective, conformal, vector distributions, tensor structures). Lie theory deals with symmetries of geometric structures, integrability concerns solving differential equations or generating solutions with specific properties. Our group studies local problems of differential geometry, global problems of algebraic actions of Lie (pseudo)groups on manifolds, and applications to mathematical physics. Teaching includes all basic courses, intermediate courses like differential geometry, Lie algebras, transformation groups and geometric structures, as well as advanced courses on representation theory, geometric theory of differential equations, infinite-dimensional groups and overdetermined systems.


 Seminar Sophus Lie (running seminar, guest lectures, working groups)
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Individual lists (including previous group members):

Boris Kruglikov, Dennis The, Hilja Huru, Henrik Winther, Eivind Schneider, David McNutt, Wijnand Steneker, Valentin Lychagin, Andrea Santi, Johnson Kessy

Commbined list of publications from 2012 to 2023.



Geometry and Mathematical Physics

Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Forskningsparken 1, Sykehusvegen 21, 9019 Tromsø
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