Isabelle Sande Chair of the SFI Dsolve


The general assembly of Dsolve has elected Isabelle Sande as chair of the board.

Isabelle Sande is the general manager of Løvold AS.  The traditional Bodø company has been supplying products to sea-based industry since 1938 and is today Norways largest supplier of anchorages for fish farms. With the election of Isabelle Sande Dsolve has got a chair with a strong connection to the industry, and solid experience from the supplier industry.

The general meeting was held digitally on Wednesday 22. September. In addition to representation from the host institution and the research partners the new board will have broad representation from industry partners and organizations participating in Dsolve. In the coming year, in addition to Løvold AS, the industrial partners Øra AS, Opilio AS, Mustad Autoline AS, Mørenot Fishery AS, and the Norwegian Fishermen's Association will have a seat in the board. There are a total of 11 board members, and the representation will rotate between the various industry and organization partners throughout the project period.

For the new chair product development and sustainability are high on the agenda on a daily basis.

- Løvold AS has developed products and solutions in collaboration with customers for many years. We look at our customers as our partners, and so does probably the entire supplier industry. We test equipment together with customers and give input to other parts of the industry. We all have a desire to rise, become better, more efficient - and in recent years the focus has shifted towards sustainability. All of us who directly or indirectly have our workplace at sea have an obvious responsibility to protect the sea and the life within it. The plastic pollution of the sea cannot continue. Environmental considerations must lead the way. We will create good products that protect the values ​​in the sea, good, strong products with a long life. But if any of these products get lost at sea, we must do what we can so that they do not end up along the coast or on the seabed causing damage such as ghost fishing, micro- and macro-plastic, states Isabelle Sande.

She now brings her experiences from product development in the supplier industry into her role as chair and look forward to collaborating with the project partners to develop new material solutions.

- Dsolve has skilled researchers on the team. The industry partners in the project will provide input on functionality, we will test products, and can compare with current solutions. There is always something that can be improved. We look forward to contributing to the project with input on design, functionality, shape, and colour - everything that makes the products even better, so that they will eventually be able to replace traditional plastic with biodegradable materials, says Sande.