VYBINO: Viewing your body from the inside and out

Lise Gulli Brokjøb´s PhD-project

Collaborations partners: Dr Katri Cornelissen og prof Piers Cornelissen, Northumbria University

Viewing your body from the inside and out (VYBINO): Body image, interoceptive awareness, and BMI in women: exploring interactions in the course of an eating disorder". In this project, we investigate whether there is a connection between interoception (interoceptive awareness), body image and BMI in women with eating problems. The project is a forskerlinjeprosjekt with stud.psychol Lise Gulli Brokjøb, in collaboration with Northumbria University.


Kjersti Lillevoll (Principal investigator)

Financial/grant information:

This is a project within the student research program in psychology at UiT. The student research program is funded by the Norwegian research council.