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Child Law in an International Context (University of Tromso’s International Conference - 21-25 January 2013)

Thirty-four researchers from nine different countries met in Tromsø, in the North of Norway, to discuss the topic ‘Child Law in an International Context’ during the week of 21-25 January 2013. The conference was organised by the Child Law Research group at the Law Faculty, University of Tromsø, and was partly funded by the Norwegian Research Council.

Nicola Taylor and Marilyn Freeman getting ready for dogsledding! Foto: UiT

In Norway ‘Child Law’ is a relatively new research area where all questions concerning the child’s legal status need to be considered. The purpose of defining ‘Child Law’ as a specific issue is to try to improve the position of the child in law and in reality. Researchers all over the world are grappling with questions concerning the rights of the child and the legal position of the child is an integral part of this. The conference aimed to go beyond the national legislative level by focusing on more theoretical and international dimensions.

Among other things the conference resulted in International Family Law, Policy and Practice publishing "A Commemorative Collection of Articles Based on Themes from the University of Tromso’s International Conference 21-25 January 2013". It can be read its entirety here!