CECO - Cells in the Cold

A delicate network of cold-adapted microbial cells controls greenhouse gas emissions from Arctic soil ecosystems. Because Arctic ecosystems are central to the current climate change impacts and store large amounts of carbon, microbial processes in these environments are particularly important in a global context.


CECO is dedicated to expose the structure and evolution of cold-adapted carbon-cycling microbial networks and to reveal regulatory mechanisms of these networks that underlie climatic regulation of greenhouse gas emissions from Arctic terrestrial ecosystems.

CECO combines advanced laboratory and field equipment with cutting-edge methods in microbial ecology, including metagenomics, metatranscriptomics, stable isotope probing, and sophisticated cultivation techniques.

For more information on particular topics and projects see individual project pages or contact project leader Alexander T. Tveit.

Financial/grant information:

Tromsø Research Foundation (TSF) - 17_SG_ATT





Last update: June, 2022