Pediatric Research group – Infection


Project group leaders:

Professor Trond Flægstad
Phone: +47 92455047
Researcher ID:

Professor Claus Klingenberg
Phone  +47 91563167
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Main research topics/activities:

  • Infections and antibiotics to neonates. We are collaborating with the Norwegian Neonatal Network and a network of European neonatologists. By using high quality, population based epidemiological data we aim to improve therapy for vulnerable neonates. We also perform own studies on long term follow up of side effects (gut problems, antibiotic resistance and ototoxicity).
  • Gut microbiota of preterm infants and in children with HIV.
  • We aim to detect the impact of antibiotic and probiotic treatment, in different pediatric populations.  In children with HIV we are specifically studying the effect of azithromycin given to prevent respiratory problems in HIV-positive African children. In preterm infants, the effects of probiotics are of great interest as probiotics are increasingly used in order to prevent gut inflammation and avoid antibiotic resistance development.
  • Genetic studies of Staphylococcus haemolyticus.
  • Antimicrobial effect of bacteriocins produced by S. haemolyticus.
  • Studies on effect, side effects, and monitoring of the use of aminoglycocides, a group of ecologically favourable antibiotics that to a lesser extent selects for resistance, for newborn and older children.
  • Metabolism in regards to enfections and antimicrobial treatment of newborns.