ArcEcoGen – Arctic Ecosystem Genomics

A UiT Aurora Center - Now hiring multiple positions, see below for details

We are currently recruiting:

2 permanent positions as associate professor

3 postdocs

4 PhD fellows

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Goal: To further our understanding of the combined effect of humans, climate, and biota on northern ecosystem dynamics in the past, present, and future.


  1. Move toward multi-trophic level ecosystem reconstruction over the Holocene of terrestrial, aquatic, and coastal communities.
  2. Expand the use of ecosystem genomics for human-environment interactions and lifeways.
  3. Develop environmental DNA techniques for Arctic ecosystem and heritage management.
  4. Build up a diverse, rigorous, & internationally leading research group in ecosystem genomics.
  5. Provide a National facility for the analysis of eDNA from sediments and soils.
WP1: Method developments. WP2: Terrestrial and limnic communities. WP3: Coastal communities. WP4: Past human communities and environments. WP5: Synthesis of past communities, recommendation and tools for management.



Center leader

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