Primary and secondary objectives of the project

The primary objective is to increase current knowledge on reputation and brand management in Norwegian municipalities.

Secondary objectives:
1) Processes: Determine how reputation and brand management processes play out on the inside of municipalities; that is, whether they serve as an integrative power or intensify differences, and to what extent they lead to more formalization, control, and regulation;

2) Strategy: Determine what municipalities do to influence the perceptions that make them trustworthy; more specifically, clarify the image projected by the municipalities, whether the strategies imply differentiation or a conformity trap, and whether the strategies are loosely or closely connected to identity and culture;

3) Outputs and implications: Determine the extent to which reputation and brand management efforts have beneficial effects on broader municipal governance, and more specifically on trust, local democracy, citizen involvement, and the job market.

Ansvarlig for siden: Hilde Bjørnå
opprettet: 23.08.2011 10:08