Research projects of NorStruct group leaders focus on several thematic areas, including:

I) “Signal transduction – Anti-cancer drug discovery and design”

  • Studies of Aurora kinases and inhibitor interactions
  • Selectivity determinants for protein kinase inhibitors
  • Focused chemical libraries for ATP dependent enzymes
  • CML drugs and mechanisms of drug resistance
  • Selectivity mechanisms for targeting PKB/AKT in anticancer drug discovery

II) “DNA interaction and modification”

  • Proteins involved in DNA repair through the Base Excision Repair pathway
  • Proteins involved in regulation of transcription
  • Proteins involved in replication
  • Proteins involved in defense against invasion of foreign DNA

III) “Host-pathogen interactions”

  • Oxidative stress and ferric uptake regulation.
  • Quorum sensing (QS) systems
  • Sialic acid biosynthesis pathways
  • Genome plasticity during host-pathogen interactions

IV) “Bioprospecting, design and development of proteins with medical, biotechnological and commercial potential”

  • Collection of biological samples in Arctic waters
  • Identification and development enzymes with properties which can be further exploited commercially
  • Identification and development enzymes with novel activities
  • Identify structural determinants for extremophilic activity in order to improve, and create, new enzyme properties by rational design

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