The Centre

NorStruct was founded with the aim of establishing a structural biology centre of high international standard for reasonably high throughput structure determination and 3D analysis of biologically active macromolecules. Located in the new Research Park in Tromsø, Barents BioCentre,  the Centre streamlines the processes starting from recombinant protein production through 3D structure determination using X-ray crystallographic techniques to drug design related technologies. Activities will be divided between local and external projects. Through participation in external projects, the Centre will offer the Norwegian molecular biology research community competence and instrumentation in a broad range of techniques. The Centre will thus:

  • Serve as a national competence centre in structural biology in general, and in X-ray crystallography in particular. This will also include methodical development in new areas of structural biology.
  • Develop efficient pipelines from recombinant protein production to 3D structure determination. Such assembly line production should allow processing of several proteins pr. month, at least into preliminary stages of structure determination.
  • Offer competence, technical services and assistance and supervision in crystallography.
  • Host and supervise workers from the entire nation who whish to use, or to be trained in, the laboratory.
  • Offer training courses in crystallographic and structural techniques, thus assisting in the buildup of basic protein crystallographic competence in other regions in Norway.
  • Serve as a link to international large-scale facilities such as the European Synchrotron Radiation Facilities (ESRF) in Grenoble.
  • Offer to be a collaborative partner in relevant projects in Norway.


The formal administrator of NorStruct is the Department of Chemistry, University of Tromsø. NorStruct is run by the Platform leader and the Manager, supported by the "Operational Steering Committee of NorStruct" (OSCN), consisting of 3 group leaders responsible for different aspects of the centre’s work:

Director: Prof. Arne O. Smalås
Manager: Dr. Ronny Helland
Group leaders: Prof. Richard A.Engh
Infrastructure for 3D structure determination, in-house projects
Prof. Nils P. Willassen
Infrastructure for protein production, in-house projects
Prof. Trond Ø. Jørgensen
In-house projects


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