H2020 Priority Program

Guidance and support in the application process for UiT-researchers applying for H2020

The H2020 Priority Program offers researchers at UiT planning to submit an EU project thorough guidance and support through the application process. The aim is to ensure that the best possible H2020 application is submitted in time for the deadline, increasing the chances for success.

The overall objective of this program is to increase mobilization and participation of UiT's researchers in H2020 program calls


• Increase the rate of success of H2020 projects with UiT participation

• Establish new and expand existing UiT-EU networks in specific fields 

The H2020 Priority Program is twofolded:

(i) UiT 2020 Mentoring Program

The program is optional for researchers at UiT aiming to coordinate a thematic H2020 project (coordinator applicant) toward a specific H2020-call. It addresses both researchers with extensive EU experience and newcomers. The program ensures a realistic time plan through the application process with a close follow-up by UiT EU team (advisors from both faculty and AFU) and external consultants. The coordinator applicant has access to Project Establishment Support (PES midler, up to NOK 200 000,-) to cover travel costs etc. In addition, if the given H2020 Priority Program deadlines are met and the application is submitted in time and is eligible, the coordinator applicant is granted NOK 100 000,- (in arrears) from AFU. 

(ii) UiT 2020 Mobilization Program

The program is aimed at research groups at UiT - these could be either already established or new constellations, either within one faculty/institute/discipline or inter-disciplinary. The aim is that each group puts together an EU-application (preferably coordinated by UiT, but not necessarily) during one of the three remaining years of H2020; calls 2018-2019-2020. Each group is responsible for one specific Societal Challenge/Industrial Leadership in the H2020 programme (Health, Food, Climate, Societies, Securities, LEIT, etc.), and is expected to pay close attention to Strategic meetings, Brookerage Events, information and networking meetings and upcoming calls within this field, to carefully read the Work Programme drafts when available and identify relevant calls for the group. A study tour to Brussels may be arranged for each group.

Each group will get assistance from a dedicated UiT EU team (advisors from both faculty and AFU), as well as external consultants in case of an application. Each group will be granted NOK 100 000,- from AFU for travel costs. 

Application Process

There are no deadlines for this program - applications can be sent throughout 2016/2017. Applications for both H2020 Priority Programs should be sent to Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir, containing the following information:

(i) UiT 2020 Mentoring Program

  • Name of researcher in charge
  • H2020 call topic & deadline
  • Previous experience with EU-funded research

(ii) UiT 2020 Mobilization Program

  • Name of researcher / research group in charge
  • H2020 focus area(s)
  • Future plans
  • Previous experience with EU-funded research

Ansvarlig for prosjektet: Thorbjørg Hroarsdottir

Presentations from H2020 Kick off Dec 13th 2017


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