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NorAforsk - LIFT

NorAforsk - LIFT

NorAforsk is the Nordic Centre of Action Research and Action Learning and works in close collaboration with the research group LIFT

The Nordic Centre of Action Research and Action Learning (NorAforsk) is a research centre affiliated to the Department of Education, University of Tromso. The centre was established in 2006 aiming at creating new arenas for research, policy-making and professional work life in the Nordic countries.

NorAforsk works closely with academic disciplines within its department. The centre is part of an international network of research communities and individual researchers who all collaborate with NorAforsk on projects of current interest.

Through its contract research, seminars and contributions to competence development, NorAforsk is characterised by working with external businesses/enterprises and having a close collaboration with those. 

Projects in which NorAforsk is involved, apply action research and action learning to discuss issues of learning and change in working life; private and public sector. The vision of the centre is to create new paths to development and continuous learning in individuals and organisations. One of the projects headed by NorAforsk over the latest years is a collaboration with a major Norwegian bank, Sparebank 1 North-Norway. This was part of a comprehensive research project on how to prevent burnouts by creating a platform for learning and progress among employees.

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