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Transition grant at the BFE-faculty

Twice a year the faculty announces calls for transition grants. The first application deadline is in June, and the other one is in December. The aim of the grant is to support candidates who have recently defended or submitted their dissertation, and awaiting decisions on applications for post-doctoral research grants. The scholarship will cover salary for 3-5 months. Annualy, approximately NOK 500.000 is distributed amongst applicants at BFE.



Who can apply?

The transition grant is intended for qualified researchers who have defended their thesis in the previous or current semester. Those who have submitted their thesis for evaluation in the same period can also apply. In the latter category, any grants may be awarded with the provison that the thesis is found worthy of being defended for the doctoral degree. Applicants who have not yet delivered the thesis will not be considered.

Questions about the transition grant can be addressed to senior advisors Rune Larsen.

No transition grant will be announced autumn 2019. The University has not allocated earmarked grants for it this autumn.


Application requirements

The application shall be written on standard form. Include the following aspects in the application:

  • It must be stated in the application which postdoctoral position the applicant is awaiting clarification about.
  • Recommendation from the Head of department that should clarify what relevance the grant has for the long-term research/teaching direction of the concerned department
  • Recommendation from supervisor/research group that describes the scientific value and research potential of the proposed plan for the transitional period


The assessment criteria for grant allocation are:

  • Total time spent for completion of the PhD study
  • Research potential, nationally and internationally
  • Scientific production, based on the research documentation system CRIStin
  • Relevance of the applicant's research to the department's/faculty's focus areas
  • If the applicant/research group has applied for external research funding


Submit the application form and attachments by e-mail to forskning@bfe.uit.no



The research committee at the BFE-faculty is the body that evaluates and award the grants, and their decision is forwarded to applicants within 2-4 weeks after the deadline. The research committee has the right to deny and/or reduce grant size if requested funding surpass available funds.


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