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Info for Master's students at NCFS

Our English Master program:

Safety course

The mandatory safety course web modules should be taken as early as possible, preferably as soon as you start the first semester. Click on the link above for more details and registration.

:  Here you will find Master’s theses from previous Master’s students.

Overview of possible supervisors:

Available Master's thesis 2019/2020 (to be updated with all our 11 research groups):

Genetics group

What does it mean to be a Master's student?

A Master’s degree program is a full-time job. It requires that you work a normal working day (from 08:00-16:00) the entire work week (Monday-Friday) to reach the finish line. If you are structured and working daily in additon to attending classes, it means you can have the weekends free and spend time for important leisure activities.

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