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PhD courses at the Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

The Faculty of Humanities, Social Sciences and Education offers a number of PhD courses every semester.

PhD courses

Study catalogue for all PhD courses at UiT spring 2019.


Obligatory courses for students at HSL:

SVF-8038 Research Ethics (3 ECTS), organized every spring
SVF-8049 Communicating Scientific Research (2 ECTS), organized every spring
SVF-8048 Popularizing Science (3 ECTS), organized every autumn
SVF-8054 Philosophy of Science (7 ECTS), organized every autumn 


Optional Courses:

SVF-8040 Kvalitativ forskning (5 ECTS) - organinzed every other Spring (Spring 2019/2021/2023)

GEN-8001 Take Control of your PhD Journey: from (P)reflection to Publishing (2 ECTS) - organized every semester



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