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Admission to PhD in applied mathematics and computational engineering

A doctoral fellow position announced by the University of Tromsø or Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology is a study place. An application for such a position is application for admission to the doctoral program at the faculty. Once started in the position and latest within two months after the start, the full application has to be submitted to the faculty. 

The application must include the following:

  • Preliminary title of the thesis
  • Project description
  • Timetable and progress plan
  • Financing plan
  • Description of necessary infrastructure
  • Description of supervision requirements in special cases, and suggested supervisors
  • Plans for temporary research stays at other research institutions
  • Dissemination plan
  • Documentation of academic background which forms the basis for admission
  • Information about any intellectual property rights


The application shall be written in accordance with the application template determined by the dean of the Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology, and sent to the Committee for Research.

Application template

Søknadsskjema opptak 

The project description must be developed in collaboration with the main supervisor, and contain description of research topic, main problems, and choice of methods. The candidate shall provide a sketch of the project description with the application, and a complete project description shall be submitted within six months after admission.

Instruction component

The instruction component for the PhD program in applied mathematics and computational engineering must contain courses equivalent to 30 credits, comprising 5 credits in philosophy and science (TEK-8001), as well as 25 credits in mathematical-technological subjects. All the elements of the instruction component must be at PhD level. For more detailed information of admission requirements and the instruction component, see PhD regulations.

The application is to be submitted to postmottak@ivt.uit.no

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