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Application for leave of absence and right to study

Leave of absence

Leave of absence as pregnancy, illness etc. (PhD regulations, section 13) is automatically granted for PhD students, but it must be documented before we can register a new end date. Documentation include confirmation from NAV, hospital, employer e.g. that shows the period (and if so, percent of working time in the period).

The documentation is to be sent to: postmottak@ivt.uit.no


Right to study

In the event that the candidate does not complete the PhD study within two years over and above the nominal length of study (normally equal to the employment period), the candidate have to apply to the Committee for Research Training for an extended right to study. Such an application must include the grounds for the delay and a plan for completing the program, and must be signed by the PhD student and his/her supervisors.

Please note that such an application only regards prolongation of the agreement period, and not prolongation of research fellow positions and salary. To prolong your period as research fellow, please contact your department, as this concerns your employment and not your study.

The application is to be sent to: postmottak@ivt.uit.no

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Klas Pettersson