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Applying for a PhD position

Admission requirements

In order to be admitted to a PhD-program at the University of Tromsø, the applicant must have completed higher education which is approved in Norway either as an (i) integrated Master's degree (5 years/ 300 credits), (ii) a Master's degree (2 years/ 120 credits) and a Bachelor's degree (3 years/ 180 credits) or (iii) the equivalent education as approved by the faculty responsible for the specific program.

Please note that for students from several countries one to two years of higher education is subtracted when comparing to Norwegian degrees (this is due to differences in the school systems). This means that the applicant will need a minimum of six to seven years of higher education including a two year Master's degree from his/her home country to be qualified for PhD-studies in Norway.

One of the admission requirements is adequate financing, which as a general rule is income at the level of a Research Fellow position. Available positions are announced regularly at Jobbnorge. For information about planned announcements, please contact the relevant department (see links to the left).

Applicants must document proficiency in English that satisfies the Norwegian Higher Education Entrance Qualification: Proficiency in English - PhD-level studies.

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