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Research Schools at the Faculty of Health Sciences

National research schools with which the Faculty of Health Sciences collaborates

EPINOR - National research school in population based epidemiology (belongs to the Faculty of Health Sciences)

MedIm - Norwegian Research School in Medical Imaging

PhD school of Heart Research

National PhD School for Pharmaceutical Sciences

Norwegian Research School in General Practice

Forskerskoler ved Helsefak


What are research schools?
Research schools are a thematic and systematic organization of research education. Research schools are primarily a pedagogic aid in PhD training, but they are also a tool for strengthening research. When several academic environments are convened for larger thematic endeavours, the objective is that research quality will be enhanced and there will be improved chances for attracting external financial support.

Research schools are an instrument by which to promote cooperation across traditional borders between academic environments, and thereby create enhanced interdisciplinary integration within the faculty.

Application for admission to research school
One applies to the local research school at the same time as one applies for admission to the PhD programme. If applicants have already been admitted to the PhD programme, they may send a brief application directly to the research school.  In the application, it must be clearly stated how the PhD project is thematically rooted in the research school. A new proposal for the instruction component must also be enclosed for approval in the event there is a need to change this. The application must be signed by the student and the adviser. Note that certain research school may have additional requirements to the application and that some research schools have an annual deadline for applications.

The national research schools have their own routines for admission; see the web page of the research school in question.

List of topic combinations
The different research schools have made provisions for various combinations of topics; the following is a list of topic combinations in the local research school at the Faculty of Health Sciecnes (in Norwegian).

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