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CS lunch at Department of Computer Science

The CS-lunch is for Ph.D. students, and it is established for the presentations of accepted conference and journal papers to the other PhD students and the staff at the department. Usually such a presentation will be done before the actual conference presentation. This will give the presenter valuable feedback.

Title  Lecturer  Date 
Lung sounds Morten Grønnesby 09.03.2016
Which Telemedicine Services Work In Arctic Environments - A Systematic Literature Review From 1984-2015 Dani Beckmann et al 27.01.2016
Reducing latency for mobile .NET applications that interact with clouddatabase services Robert M. Pettersen 13.05.2015
LoNet - Runtime Magnus Stenhaug 22.04.2015
DeltaTrees Ibrahim Umar 18.03.2015
Integrating Data-Intensive Computing Systems with Biological Data Analysis Frameworks Edvard Pedersen 18.02.2015
Kvik: Interactive exploration of genomic data from the NOWAC postgenome biobank Bjørn Fjukstad 20.01.2015
Community Cloud: Cloud Computing for the Community Marte Karidatter Skadsem 02.05.2011
A Flexible and Collaborative Middleware for an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Platform Domingo Díez Barrero 17.11.2010
On-Demand High-Performance Visualization of Spatial Data on High-Resolution Tiled Display Walls  Tor-Magne Stian Hagen   02.06.2010 
Spatial Tasks on a Large, High-Resolution Tiled Display: Females Mentally Rotate Large Objects Faster Than Men  Bernt Ivar Olsen  17.06.2009 
Distributed Event Stream Processing with Non-deterministic Finite Automata  Lars Brenna  17.06.2009 
Improving the Performance of VNC for High-Resolution Display Walls  Yong Liu  17.06.2009 
Oivos: Simple and Efficient Distributed Data Processing  Steffen Viken Valvåg  29.10.2008 
Disease outbreak detection through clique covering on a weighted ICPC-coded graph  Klaske van Vuurden  21.05.2008 
Liberating the Desktop  Tor-Magne Stian Hagen  02.04.2008 
Argos, an Extensible Personal Application Server  Arne Munch-Ellingsen  07.11.2007 
The 22 Megapixel Laptop  Daniel Stødle  11.10.2007 
Lessons Learned using a Camera Cluster to Detect and Locate Objects  Daniel Stødle  31.08.2007 
Rendezvous-based access control for medical records in the pre-hospital environment  Simone Lupetti  22.08.2007 
Systems Support for Remote Visualization of Genomics Applications over Wide Area Networks  Lars Ailo A. Bongo  27.09.2006 

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