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Grants for research courses and research education

The Faculty of Science and Technology announces grants that can be used for supporting departments in arranging national research courses at the faculty, or to support travel costs for the faculty’s PhD students to participate in national or international courses included in the individual curriculum.  The grants are distributed by the Committee for Research Training based upon applications from the departments and the PhD students.

The grants are distributed to support:

1. Departments arranging national research courses
Application deadline: 15 March

Departments arranging national research courses may apply for grants to cover the expenses for inviting external lecturers.


2. PhD students at the faculty attending external research education.  
The course is obliged to give credits and to be included in the individual curriculum for the PhD study.
Application deadlines:

  • 15 March
  • 15 June
  • 15 November

The applications from the PhD students are decided after the three yearly deadlines, at the same time as the student is applying to have the research course approved in the individual training component.


The faculty does not support travel to research seminars or conferences since contributions such as posters or presentations are not approved as part of the individual curriculum for the PhD education.

The grant may cover the travel and stay (most inexpensive way). Allowance for board is not covered.

The grant may not cover courses taken at other Universities, if similar courses are given at UiT - The Arctic University of Norway.

Along With the Application, the students must include a confirmation from the supervisor that the course is relevant, and that a similar course is not given at UiT.

The application is to be submitted to postmottak@nt.uit.no


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