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Transition grants

Transition grants are announced and processed by the Committee for Research Training at the Faculty of Science and Technology.

 The scholarship is intended for qualified researchers who have defended their thesis or have received a positive evaluation of their thesis at the Faculty of Science and Technology within the last 9 months. Applicants who have not submitted their thesis will not be considered. As a general rule, the scholarship will cover the salary for a period of at least 6 months after the defence, where 3 months are covered by the Faculty and 3 months by the applicant's department. 

The grant is intended for researchers awaiting clarification regarding Post Docs/Researcher positions at UiT. It must be stated in the application for which position(s) you are awaiting clarification, or if you plan to apply/have applied for funding from e.g. NRC, EU or other sources of funding.

Each department will rank and prioritize their applicants, and must confirm that they are willing to cover their salary for 3 months or more. The application should include recommendations from the head of your department and supervisor, which should include reasons for the applicant based on particular qualifications, research direction and long-range plans for the departments.

 The Committee for Research Education will distribute the grants between the applicants based on following criterias:  

- recommendations from the head of department and supervisor/research group

- total time duration of the PhD study

- how the project fits to the Faculty's strategy


The departments are entitled to decide how the grant is combined with other fundings.

The electronic application including attachments should be sent to: postmottak@nt.uit.no

Application deadline: There are 2 set deadlines each year - 15 May and 15 November. 
NB: June 1st in 2019



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