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Application for recognition of external PhD courses

National and international research training courses may be included in the individual training component, provided they have been evaluated by a relevant research environment in respect to scope and level.

Applications for approval shall be submitted to the Committee for Research Training.

The approval requires:

‐ Confirmation from the supervisors that the course is relevant and may form part of the individual instruction component

‐ Documentation of the teaching arrangements:

It must be shown that the course is at PhD level. In the event that the scope of the course is not expressed in credits (ECTS), an overview of the number of hours used to complete the course must be attached; one credit is equivalent to approx. 25‐30 hours of work; documentation of successful completion of testing of knowledge, e.g. examinations, essays.

Incomplete applications will be returned.


All applications to the Committee for research training is to be sent to: postmottak@nt.uit.no


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