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Admission to the PhD program in Science


To be able to get a position as doctoral fellow at UiT The Arctic University of Tromsø, you must be qualified for admission to our PhD program. If you get a doctoral fellow position, you are at the same time given preliminary admission to a PhD program. This page gives you information on your application for final admission.


Within two months after starting a PhD position, you must apply for final admission to the PhD program in Science. For external PhD students, the application should be submitted as soon as possible after starting the position at the external employer.

The application must include the following:
  • The application form (use this document when you write your project description and plan)
  • The research project description signed by the applicant, all supervisors and Head of Department
  • Diplomas

 Instruction component
Each PhD student must have an individual education plan (instruction component) including courses yielding a total of 30 credits.
Of these 30 credits 20‐27 credits must be within mathematical and/or subjects within of the field of natural science, 3‐6 credits in the field of ethics and philosophy of science and, if desired, 4-7 credits in tranferrable skills.
Please note that the recommended course in the field of ethics and philosophy of science is the course SVF-8600 “Philosophy of science and ethics” given by the BFE-faculty. Students wanting to attend this course have to apply directly to BFE faculty within the given deadlines: PhD courses BFE. But you can also attend HEL-8040 given by the Medical faculty. You sign up for this course in the StudentWeb.
For students at the PhD Training School in Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics, the courses GEO‐8144 Marine Geology and Geophysics Cruise and GEO‐8145 Workshop in Arctic Marine Geology and Geophysics are compulsory.
The courses that are included in the instruction component should normally be ordinary PhD courses at the institution or special curriculums.
The application is to be submitted to postmottak@nt.uit.no 
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