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Housing for Rent

Contact:  Christina Brekmo ved Avdeling for bygg og eiendom/ Driftssentralen.

  • UiT has a limited number of flats for rent, which are primarily intended for new employees who are moving to Tromsø. Some are located on the mainland, and some on the island.
    • Employees who are living in Tromsø at the time of appointment will not be allocated a flat.
    • Number of applicants is larger than number of flats - we therefore urge all of our applicants to search for accommodation elsewhere, even if you have applied with us.
    • Our apartments are partly furnished, i.e. appliances such as a fridge and a stove.

  • Rental contract
    • Permanent employees receive a one-year rental contract.
    • PhD students on a three or four-year work contract receive a rental contract for one year, and may apply for an extention of one more year.
    • Standard rental contracts may be terminated upon 90 days’ notice. Contracts for furnished housing may be terminated upon 30 days’ notice.
    • We do not provide an overview of our rental housing due to the continuously changing availability of housing and housing needs.
  • Breiviklia 13
    • Includes 22 twin bedsits (i.e. two rooms sharing one bathroom and kitchen facilities) as well as one small flat which is adapted to someone with a physical disability/a wheelchair user.
    • The bedsits are rented out for a minimum of one week and a maximum of two months depending on capacity.
    • All the flats are equipped with linens/duvet/pollow and towels and basic kitchenware. There is also a laundry room on each floor.
    • The price of a bedsit: NOK 7 500/one month, NOK 6 000/three weeks, NOK 4 500/two weeks, NOK 2 500/one week.
  •  Applications are processed continuously. You may not apply for a particular flat or location, as we have to concider availability.
    • We will however try to pay attention to requests which the applicant has stated in his/her application.
    • Applications are filled in and sent to housing.tromso@uit.no along with proof of employment (contract or offer letter).

  • Keys can be picked up at Driftssentralen room 102 by appointment with Christina Brekmo
  • General office hours for the fall of 2018 will be every Thursday between 1 pm and 3 pm, except for week 33, 34 and 37. If you want to come by at times outside office hours, please make an appointment.

At UiT a general ban of animals in all our rental housing is regulated by contract.