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Submitting your PhD thesis at the Faculty of Science and Technology

Munin is UiT's open access archive for academic and research related material. The university offers all students the opportunity to publish their doctoral thesis or parts of it in this archive. Whether you want your thesis published in Munin or not, all doctorial theses at the Faculty of Science and Technology are to be submitted electronically through the Munin portal.

There is no deadline for submitting your thesis. You can save and exit the portal during the submission process and continue later on. Your application for evaluation will not be registered before you complete the submission.

This is a checklist of what you have to remember when submitting your thesis:                        

  • You should apply to have your instruction component finally approved in advance of submission. The application form is found here. Send the application to postmottak@nt.uit.no


  • You will find the Munin portal for submitting your thesis here. Use your username and password at UiT. Contact orakel@uit.no if you need assistance.

  • Please use UiT's templates for front pages. The front page must include both the name of the Faculty and the Department.

  • The thesis should be submitted as one .pdf file. If you need assistance with this, contact the Munin staff at: munin@ub.uit.no, or phone 776 46255/776 44950. You have the sole responsibility for making sure the pdf file you submit in Munin is complete. When you have submitted your application for evaluation there will be no access to change the pdf. 

  • You have to submit a popular scientific summary of your thesis through Munin. The summary has to be written in English. 

  • In Munin you have to state that you have the permission from co-authors to publish your thesis and, if relevant, permission to use copyrighted illustrations. These permissions must be obtained before hand.

  • For co-authored works, a statement describing the nature of the student's contribution(s) signed by the student and the main supervisor must be sent to postmottak@nt.uit.no.


  • Your will receive a letter from the faculty administration regarding the evaluation committee, and you will be given the opportunity to give written comments on the proposal within five days of receiving notice.


After this the administration at Faculty of Science will send the thesis to the evaluation committee

You will receive notice if the thesis is worthy of public defence and the committees evaluation report approximately 24 days before the disputation.

If the thesis is found worthy of public defence, there are some practical things regarding printing, trial lecture and disputation that have to be prepared: 

  • Together with the letter from the faculty administration, you will receive two ISBN numbers for your thesis. One is for the printed version (this number has to be printed on the back page of your thesis), and one for the electronic version in Munin. 


  • You have to arrange to have 50 copies printed. UiT has an agreement with Skipnes Kommunikasjon AS in Trondheim. The department will cover 4200 NOK of the costs. Here you will find some info about format, margins, font size, etc for the best posible printing result:  http://uit.skipnes.no/en/dr-ph-d-thesis-2/ 

  • 8 printed copies have to be delivered to the faculty administration for distribution to the libraries.

  • The thesis will be published in Munin after the public defence, unless you reserved against publication when submitting your thesis in Munin. The thesis will not be published if the evaluation committee finds the thesis not worthy of defence. Munin follows the rules and agreements with journals concerning publishing articles. They will make sure there will be no conflicts of interest with journals or publishers. When submitting you can also stress parts of the thesis that can not be openly available in Munin.

  • A submitted thesis may not be withdrawn before the evaluation committee has determined whether or not it is worthy of public defence. The candidate may nonetheless apply to the faculty for permission to correct formalities in the submitted thesis ("errata"). The application must specify in full all errata to be corrected. The application is to be submitted no later than four (4) weeks before the committee’s deadline for returning their recommendation (which is 24 days). Thus, the errata must be applied for 7 weeks and 3 days before the defence. It is only possible to apply once.
  • The title of the trial lecture will be sent to you two weeks (10 working days) before the lecture takes place. The trial lecture should last no longer than 45 minutes.
  • The trial lecture and public defence should normally be held in the language in which the thesis is written.

 If you have other questions concerning the practical circumstances regarding submission and disputation, please contact us.


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