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Unit of Comparative Medicine - AKM

Comparative Medicine is an animal research core facility at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The unit deals with all aspects of activities concerned with the use of animals in experimental medical research.

We promote ethical and human use of animals in research and provide advice and guidance to researchers within experimental medicine. We contribute to that results obtained from animal studies are reproducible and reliable.

Comparative Medicine has modern facilities and we facilitate biomedical experimental research in a safe environment with high animal welfare standards.


Comparative Medicine is approved by the Norwegian authorities to house and use in medical research the following animals: rodents, rabbits, swine, sheep, aquarium fishes and aquatic frogs.

Course in experimental animal science

Comparative Medicine arranges an annual course in Experimental Animal Science in the spring semester. The course has modules for both traditionally laboratory mammals and for wildlife/field research. More information about the course can be found at our course page

The Unit is headed by Associate Professor Siri Knudsen DVM PhD.

For additional information don't hesitate to get in contact with us:

Telephone: +47 77645379
Telefax: +47 77645390
Email of the Head of Department

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