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The Academic Writing Centre at HSL

Our motto: Helping you to help yourself.



The Centre is a place where members of the UiT community, specifically all MA students in Visual Cultural Studies (VCS), Indigenous Studies (MIS), and Peace and Conflict Transformation (MPCT), PhD students and Faculty members at the HSL Faculty can work on their writing and get feedback in a supportive atmosphere. Our goal is to help you express yourself successfully with written texts and assignments using academic English.


What do we offer?

- Individual help with texts (feedback on structure, argumentation, citation etc.)

- Workshops on topics related to academic writing

What are we not ?

- A proofreading service

- A translation service

We cannot suggest a grade for written work, that's the job of the examinators. What we can do is to help you improve your text. We do not write the paper for you, but we can give you feedback on what you write.


Who are we?

Leader of the Writing Center is Cathinka Dahl-Hambro who has a ph.D. in Irish philology / medieval studies from the University of Oslo. Cathinka works mainly with ph.D candidates and faculty members.

Torhild L. Skillingstad, a graduate from the Masters of Peace and Conflict Transformation program at UiT, works with students on the masters and bachelor levels both in English and Norwegian.

Janine Tessem Strøm, also a graduate from the MPCT program at UiT, works mainly with students who write in Norwegian.

You are more than welcome to arrange an appointment or knock on our doors. 

Cathinka's office: SVHUM A-1026  

Torhild's office: SVHUM A-1027

Check out these useful websites for online academic writing assistance: 

English Language Help Desk

The Center for Academic Writing at Central European University (Budapest) .  Click on Online Writing Resources.

Search and Write

Using English for Academic Purposes



The goal of the Writing Centre is to help students and Faculty members express themselves successfully with written texts and assignments. We also provide an informal link among students and faculty on issues related to writing.

The Writing Centre officially opened on Wednesday 12 September 2012. Read about the opening here

We will not edit or proofread papers. Instead, we can help you with:

  • Getting started
  • Understanding your assignment - what is expected of you?
  • Brainstorming - what directions your writing might take?
  • Outlining - how could you shape and organize your ideas?
  • Drafting - how can you develop your ideas and connect them in a meaningful manner?
  • Revising - how can you clarify your ideas?
  • Identifying issues with grammar and punctuation - how can you polish your sentence structure?
  • Following supervisors documentation methodology
  • Feedback on academic texts such as articles, book chapters or conference papers


Please allow for some time to read your work in order to enable us to give valuable feedback. Some periods are busy and we might need a few days to look at your text.

Past events held by the Writing Centre:

Academic Writing Workshop 19th May 2016:

On May 19th, Dr. Rachel Riedner, Associate Professor of Writing and Women’s Studies at George Washington University will hold a workshop on academic thesis writing especially designed for MA and PhD students, both international and Norwegian, who are writing their thesis in English.

How to succeed with thesis writing
Writing is central to all disciplines as it is means through which scholars communicate knowledge to each other and to other important constituencies. Therefore, all students must learn writing and communication practices of their disciplines along with knowledge of their field.
Strong writing requires understanding of subject matter of a discipline as well as the conventional genres of a discipline (i.e. research essay or lab report), the style of a particular discipline (i.e. word choice or formatting), information literacy of a discipline (i.e. how to find material and who is important scholar in a field). Strong writing is built on good writing processes (i.e. peer review and revision).


Previous workshops at the Writing Centre in 2015:


Workshop I: The use of definite / indefinite article and determiners


Workshop II: Verb / noun agreement, tense and aspect, active / passive voice


Workshop III: Grammar in written discourse







Any questions? Please contact Cathinka Dahl Hambro

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You can always e-mail skrivesenter@hsl.uit.no for help with your academic writing.



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