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NORSIL – the Nordic Research Network for Sámi and Indigenous Peoples’ Law

The network aims to strengthen and further develop the Nordic research community related to Sámi law and Indigenous Peoples Law.

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The annual seminars are the core of the network, allowing training for participating Ph.D. students and young researchers as well as establishing a physical platform for all researchers to meet and discuss certain topics.

NORSIL is financed by a private fund attached to the University of Tromso, Tromso Forskningsstiftelse (2011-2016).

14.- 15. March 2016 - next NORSIL seminar in TROMSO! 

For program, please contact Christina Allard: christina.allard@ltu.se

Registration deadline: 25. February!  REGISTRATION FORM

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Contact information

Christina Allard

Ass. Prof., LL.D.
Faculty of Law, University of Tromso
9037 Tromso, Norway
Christina.Allard@uit.no / christina.allard@ltu.se

+ 46 72 55 14 334

Office/visiting adress






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