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Proteomikk - IMB

Tromsø University Proteomics Platform (TUPP)Tromsø University Proteomics Platform (TUPP) is a technology platform offering mass spectrometric services. We have instrumentation for the identification of proteins using both peptide mass fingerprinting and LC-MS/MS. We identify proteins separated in SDS gels. The most common method is that the user delivers bands of gel to us and we take care of the sample preparations.

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   Other analyses that can be carried out here: 
  • Protein identification
  • Identification of post-translational modifications (e.g. phosphorylation)
  • Comparison of protein expression between different samples using SILAC
We offer services to users from both academia (internal users) and private industry (external users).

The users are required to fill in a requisition form and deliver this together with the samples to L9.239 (MH building) or F4.105 (Pharmacy).

Telefon: 776 46837   /   776 46651

Rom: f4.105 (Farmasi)

Dr. Jack-Ansgar Bruun

Ilona Urbarova

Toril Anne Grønset

Professor Terje Johansen
Molekylær kreftforskningsgruppe

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Norproteomics nettverk

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