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Gjesteforelesninger ved Institutt for informatikk

Institutt for informatikk prøver med visse mellomrom å få tak i interessante og gode gjesteforelesere for å forelese om relevante tema innen informatikkfaget.

Title Lecturer Date
Seminar in Artificial Intelligence Ralf Otte 18., 19. and 21.11.2019
AI for Embedded/Mobile Platforms Amit Kumar Singh 11.11.2019
The architectural design of a nationwide 5G Network Andres Gonzalez 07.11.2019
SME - HW Development for Computer Scientists Brian Vinter 31.10.2019
Towards Sleep Apnea Detection with Consumer Electronics and Machine Learning Thomas Plagemann 31.10.2019
Web Development at Scale Steffen Viken Valvåg, Åsmund Grammeltvedt, and Hjortur Jonasson 17.10.2019
The UPC++ Library for Exascale and Data Intensive Computing Scott Baden 25.04.2019
Vegvisir: A Partition-Tolerant Blockchain for the Internet-of-Things Robbert van Renesse 08.04.2019
Towards Embedded Intelligence in IoT Nodes for Energy Planning Frank Alexander Kraemer 25.02.2019
MVU, the Elm-achitecture and the Actor-model Julius Juselius 25.10.2018
Reactive Programming Dag Brattli 22.10.2018
Asynchronous Programming Dag Brattli 18.10.2018
Introduksjon til funksjonell programmering i F# Julius Juselius 11.10.2018
Energy Informatics: Enabling Sustainable Energy Use Frank Eliassen 03.05.2018
Performance Analysis in Football - Current Issues and Actual Research
Martin Lames 26.10.2017
Getting the most out of cloud service logs Tor Kreutzer and Jan-Ove Karlberg 19.10.2017
Cloud services: Monitoring, data, and analytics Tor Kreutzer and Jan-Ove Karlberg 12.10.2017
Virtual Time Scheduling and Asynchronous Reactive Programming Dag Brattli 21.09.2017
Reactive vs Interactive Programming Dag Brattli 14.09.2017
Asynchronous and Event-based Programming Dag Brattli 07.09.2017
Resource Allocation Auctions in Decentralized Systems with Untrused Users Amin Khan 23.06.2017
Arctic datacenters and heat reuse: Opportunities and challenges Roy Dragseth 21.04.2017
Making the Internet efficient and secure for small devices Zach Shelby 27.03.2017
Energy Informatics: Bringing Bits to Energy Frank Eliassen 24.03.2017
Imaging Data Management System Brian Vinter 17.01.2017
Enabling Microservices Architectures for Large-scale Business Processes via Publish/Subscribe and Events Hans-Arno Jacobsen 13.10.2016
Data Management for Interactive Data-Intensive Applications Marcos Vaz Salles 26.08.2016
Toward Understanding Paxos Robbert van Renesse 26.04.2016
No compromises: distributed transactions with consistency, availability, and performance Miguel Castro 15.03.2016
Climbing the Complexity Wall with Efficient Tools and Abstractions Magnus Jahre 10.03.2016
EXCESS: Execution Models for Energy-Efficient Computing Systems Christoph Kessler 21.10.2015
Research Experience. Energy-Efficient Computing Vision Pedro Valero-Lara 18.09.2015
"Paxos Explained from Scratch" og "Autograder: Better management and evaluation of lab assignments" Hein Meling 22.05.2015
Reasoning with MAD distributed systems Lorenzo Alvisi 13.05.2015
High performance ACID distributed databases via Modular Concurrency Control Lorenzo Alvisi 12.05.2015
Salt: Combining ACID and BASE in a Distributed Database Lorenzo Alvisi 11.05.2015
Multicore Programming — Theory Meets Practice Sape Mullender 28.04.2015
Redesigning the Internet? Sape Mullender 27.04.2015
Internet of Things (IoT): A vision and on-going research opportunities Pradeep Kumar 24.04.2015
Pub/Sub: Challenges of Google/Cloud Scale Haakon Ringberg 10.04.2015
Multi-Release Problems in Software Reliability and Life Data Analysis Amir.H S.Garmabaki 25.03.2015
Demonstrasjon og forelesning om kule ting som skjer på Norut Daniel Stødle, Ingar M. Arntzen og Njål T. Borch 23.03.2015
Statistical and computational challenges for the structural study of biological networks Etienne Birmelé 11.02.2015
Arctic Green Computing Seppo J. Ovaska 06.06.2014
Envisioning the Future of Embedded Real-Time Systems Seppo J. Ovaska 09.05.2014
A development and middleware framework for self-adapting applications in ubiquitous computing environments Frank Eliassen 12.03.2014
Facilitating Problem Solving in Diabetes Management with Information Technologies Lena Mamykina 27.02.2014
An Enriched Artifacts Activity for Supporting Creative Learning: Perspectives for Children with Impairments Maria Letizia Jaccheri 27.02.2014
Software testing Tor Erik Sønvisen / Geir-Magnus Pettersen 20.02.2014
Wireless Video Sensor Networks Ioannis Papaefstathiou 10.12.2013
Informatikkhistorisk foredrag Yngvar Lundh, Rolf Skår og Lars Monrad-Krohn 29.08.2013
Innovative Computer Software and Hardware Systems Inspired by Natural Phenomena Bruce D. Shriver 04. / 06.03.2013
Software testing Tor Erik Sønvisen / Erlend Pedersen 21.02.2013
Reliability, Availability and Serviceability (RAS) Phil Adams 31.10.2012
Integrative analysis of functional genomics data: from yeast to tissue-specific modeling of human disease Olga Troyanskaya 15.08.2012
cphVB: A forward compatible bytecode (mostly) for scientific applications Brian Vinter 25.05.2012
Foundations of Cloud Computing Security Úlfar Erlingsson 31.01.2012
Participatory mHealth: Opportunities and Challenges Deborah Estrin 22.11.2011
Title: Law and informatics Phil Adams 30.08.2011
Sikkerhet i webapplikasjoner Jøran Lillesand og Ståle Pettersen 24.05.2011
Building and scaling games and web services on the cloud Playfish 13.05.2011
Real-Time Processing on GPU-based Systems: Experiences and Challenges Anne C. Elster 25.02.2011
Minimum Intrusion Grid Brian Vinter 25.02.2011
The Sensor Web: Noisy and Errorsome Alan Smeaton 18.02.2011

Rethinking Computer Systems

Bruce Shriver
31.01.2011 and 01.02.2011
New Doctrine for Cyber security Fred Schneider


Agile Development with Scrum Dan Peder Eriksen 30.01.2009
Clinical ICT systems at UNN - past, present, future Jan Størmer 09.12.2008
Diagnostic tools in nuclear medicine Erik Traasdahl 25.11.2008
Two level modeling and future proof information system: What is the status of the pudding? Rong Chen 12.06.2008
Network measurements and Monitoring Matti Siekkinen 18.04.2008
Scalability in Distributed Systems: Principles and Case Studies Gordon S. Blair 09.04.2008
SpiderCast: A Scalable Interest-Aware Overlay for Topic-Based Pub/Sub Infrastructure Roman Vitenberg 08.02.2008
Similarity Search for Large-Scale Feature-Rich Data Qin Lv 16.01.2008
The Road Ahead: What's Next in Database Research Johannes Gehrke 11.12.2007
Part 2: Through the Looking-Glass Bruce D. Shriver 06.12.2007
Part 1: Through the Looking-Glass Bruce D. Shriver 04.12.2007
Why Computer Science Theory Matters Bernard Chazelle 30.10.2007
Simple Security in Distributed Systems: an Introduction Maarten van Steen 22.10.2007
Sikkerhetstesting - Økt Sikkerhet Gjennom Etisk Hacking Arne Helme 10.10.2007
Intelligent Character Behavior André Dias 29.06.2007
Environmental Informatics: The Potential of Contemporary Computer Science to Support Monitoring and Management of the Natural Environment Gordon S. Blair 21.06.2007
Searching for knowledge in the sea of data: search, analysis, and visualization in computational biology Olga Troyanskaya 11.06.2007
Action Research and Case Studies: A Presentation of Two Methods for Empirical Studies in Computer Science, with an example of applying the methods in Software Engineering Torgeir Dingsøyr 15.03.2007
Åpen kildekode- en trussel eller mulighet for din og min arbeidsplass og den norske programvareindustrien? Tor-Arne Bellika 15.11.2006
The Tromsø Telemedicine Experience - 20 years of Telemedicine in Tromsø - Part II Gunnar Hartvigsen 10.11.2006
The Tromsø Telemedicine Experience - 20 years of Telemedicine in Tromsø - Part I Gunnar Hartvigsen 03.11.2006
Taming the multi-core beast! Brian Vinter 01.11.2006
Privacy and Background Knowledge Johannes Gehrke 12.10.2006
Hvad har opera til fælles med patient journal og hvad har det med large displaywall at gøre? Niels Windfeld Lund 29.09.2006
Multimedia Search & Retrieval, Finding Cathal Gurrin 26.09.2006
Reactive Universal Constructions for Non-blocking Synchronization Phuong Hoai Ha 04.09.2006
Building a Requirements Specification - Starting a New Telemedicine Project Josè Artur Ferreira da Silva e Vale Serrano 24.05.2006
Disease surveillance system Johan Gustav Bellika 23.05.2006
Open Code - a revolution in the future computer systems market Tor-Arne Bellika 04.05.2006
Sensor and transducers on the human body Enrico Maria Staderini 06.04.2006
Communication theory down to everyday medicine Enrico Maria Staderini 29.03.2006
Model Driven Architecture in HealthCare Ståle Walderhaug 16.03.2006
Introduction to the modelling and simulation of clinical processes with the Arena tool Alexander Horsch 16.02.2006
Challenges in non-blocking synchronization Håkan Sundell 08.12.2005
Life Sciences Research on Blue Gene/L Ajay Royyuru 10.06.2005
Future directions in reflective middleware research Gordon S. Blair 15.04.2005
Minimum intrusion Grid Brian Vinter 04.04.2005
Firefly: Scalable Intrusion-Tolerant Membership Robbert van Renesse 21.02.2005
Managing Concurrency in Plan 9 Applications Sape Mullender 17.02.2005
Datastream Management: Models and abstractions Vera Goebel 09.02.2005
Datastream Management: Practical approach Thomas Plagemann 08.02.2005
Information Retrieval from Digital Video Libraries Cathal Gurrin 21.01.2005
Innføringen av DIPS på UNN Gunnar Ellingsen 26.11.2004
Distributed Systems: Search Engines Krister Mikalsen 23.09.2004
Support for the Application Developer in Extended Transaction Models Johan Fabry 17.06.2004
Trusselbildet rundt datasikkerhet i Norge Øyvind Eilertsen 06.05.2004
Issues with Protocols and Dependent Failures Keith Marzullo 26.03.2004
The mechanics of paper submission and review Fred B. Schneider 24.03.2004
CorSSO: A Road to Single Sign-On Fred B. Schneider 23.03.2004
Scalable Replication with Chains Fred B. Schneider 23.03.2004
Advanced distributed systems seminar - Part 2 Keith Marzullo 25.03.2003
Advanced distributed systems seminar - Part 1 Leslie Lamport and Fred B. Schneider 24.03.2003
Design and Deployment of COCA Robbert van Renesse 16.01.2003
Astrolabe: A Robust and Scalable Technology For Distributed System Monitoring, Management, and Data Mining Robbert van Renesse 15.01.2003
Delivery Streams on Demand: Tips and Tricks Carsten Griwodz 18.11.2002
Seminar Series on Bus Protocols and Switch Fabric Interconnects Bruce D. Shriver 04.11.2002
Infosphere: Smart Delivery of Fresh Information Calton Pu 27.09.2002
RIMA Based Internet Routing Pallapa Venkataram 20.09.2002
Aspect-Oriented Programming Using Composition Filters Mehmet Aksit 05.09.2002
Bits and Atoms Neil Gershenfeld 30.08.2002
Exploiting network proximity in peer-to-peer overlay networks Miguel Castro 21.05.2002
GridStat: Middleware for More Extensible and Resilient Status Dissemination for the Elec. Power Grid Dave Bakken 25.04.2002
A Perspective on Group Communication Robbert van Renesse 18.04.2002
The Case for Language-Based Security Fred B. Schneider 18.03.2002
Systems Support for Next Generation Streaming Applications Jonathan Walpole 18.02.2002
Xymfoniske transaksjoner Ole Jørgen Anfindsen 03.12.2001
Building and Using An Inexpensive, Scalable Display Wall Kai Li 26.09.2001
Operating Systems Security Hermann Härtig 26.09.2001
The Ghost of GUIDE Past, Present and Future: Developing context-aware appl for mobile environments? Keith Mitchell and Keith Cheverst 10.08.2001
Language Integration Through a Common Type System Jim Miller 21.05.2001
IPv6 Research at Lancaster (and some other places) Joe Finney 16.05.2001
Ubiquitous Computing and Active Spaces (The Gaia approach) Fabio Kon 03.05.2001
Next Generation Distributed Systems (The 2K and dynamicTAO approach) Fabio Kon 02.05.2001
rapping Server-Side TCP to Mask Connection Failures Keith Marzullo 26.04.2001
COCA: A Secure Distributed On-Line Certification Authority Certification Authority Fred B. Schneider 20.02.2001
A Requirements Model for a Quality of Service-aware Multimedia Lecture on Demand System Earl Ecklund 15.01.2001
Middelware for QoS Management in Multicomponent Systems Denise Ecklund 15.01.2001
Hovedløyper og sidespor i et spennende utviklingsterreng Yngvar Lundh 26.10.2000
Advanced Database Systems Vera Goebel 28.04.2000
Multimedia Database Systems Vera Goebel 27.04.2000
Secret Sharing Tutorial Fred B. Schneider 22.03.2000
Presentasjon av informatikkfaglige aktiviteter ved Hitech Stig Johansen 02.03.2000
Information Security: Why Some Insecure Systems can be Secure in Practice Arne Helme 22.02.2000
From L4 Linux to SawMill Linux Jochen Liedtke 30.11.1999
Microkernel Construction Jochen Liedtke 29.11.1999

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