My research focuses on the role of the body in social transformation and the reproduction of power, especially as this occurs through the materials of everyday life. How do states incorporate national subjects through recognition of cutural and legal rights, and how are these agendas reproduced yet challenged through daily routines? From studies of global infrastructure in the Indigenous Arctic, craft making and cultural tourism in Sápmi, to land demarcation in East Africa, I write about the institutionalized, environmentally situated, and embodied ways that people experience and act on relations of power and belonging. In doing so, I seek to illuminate how bodily practice can be harnessed to achieve social transformation--both individually and in society at large.


PhD in Polar Studies, Scott Polar Research Institute, University of Cambridge (2018)



SOA 1003 Kommunikasjon og mening

SOA 1009 Natur og samfunn

SOA 3001 Teoretiske perspektiver