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Gaunce, Julia Martha

Phd Stipendiat
Det juridiske fakultet


Dissertation: "The International Maritime Organization, the Polar Code, International Law and Arctic Governance"




International law, law of the sea, polar law, international organizations law, regulation


Julia Gaunce holds an LLM (international law, treaty interpretation, law of the sea) and MA (performance theory).

She is a member of the Alberta Law Society and has practiced in the areas of Canadian natural resource, indigenous, and employment law (commercial and litigation). 



Julia Gaunce has taught in the areas of Canadian legal skills, Arctic institutions, and cultural theory--and will be teaching climate change and energy law. 

Publikasjoner utenfor Cristin

“On the Interpretation of the General Duty of 'Due Regard'” (2018) 32 Ocean Yearbook 27. (peer reviewed)

"The South China Sea and the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea" Online: Ablawg (September 8, 2016) <http://ablawg.ca/2016/09/08/ south-china-and - Duty-of - JCLOS: blog of the KG Jebsen Center for the Law of the Sea (September 9, 2016) <http://site.uit.no/jclos/ 2016 / 09/09 / the - south- China -Sea-and- the duty-of-pigeon-regardness-under-the-law-of-the-sea-convention.

Nigel Bankes & Julia Gaunce, "Natural Gas Storage Regimes in Canada: A Survey" (Calgary: Institute for Sustainable Energy, Environment, and Economy, University of Calgary, 2009) online: <http://www.law.ucalgary.ca /files/law/bankes_and_gaunce_natural-gas_storage_regimes_in_canada-1.pdf>.