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Stein, Barbara Sophia

Institutt for vernepleie


Doktorgradsstipendiat ved Institutt for vernepleie som forsker på "Engaging Women in Integration: Exploring Relations of Integration, Gender (Equality), and Voluntary Work"

08/2019 - 02/2020 på forskningsopphold ved University of Otago i Dunedin, New Zealand



Just as gender affects the decision and the experiences of migration, gender affects the way immigrants arrive and settle in in a new country, too. Situated in the gap between the equalizing of integration with employment and the presentation of female immigrants as suppressed, this project aims to contest the image of the seemingly “genderless” immigrant and to talk about processes of integration in voluntary organizations, and how the processes are obstructed and can be facilitated in particular for women. The focus is on the triangle of integration, voluntary organizations/ civil society, and gender (equality) in Norway addressing both underlying structures, as for example public or governmental guidelines, and how female immigrants understand and experience processes of integration through participating in voluntary organizations and projects.


2017: Master of Peace and Conflict Transformation, UiT
Masteroppgave: “Visions of Integration: How immigrants make sense of a new landscape”


2015: Bachelor of Arts i sosial- og kulturantropologi, LMU München
Bacheloroppgave: "Language and cultural identity: Significance of language endangerment for the cultural and ethnical identity"

Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Stein, Barbara S.. Engaging Women in Integration: Exploring Relations between Integration, Gender and the Voluntary Sector. NORA Conference on Border Regimes, Territorial Discourses, and Feminist Politics 2019-05-22 - 2019-05-24 2019.

  • Stein, Barbara S.. Power-imbalance, intersectionality and processes of integration: Exploring relations between integration of immigrant women and the voluntary sector in Norway. Centre Research Seminar (CRS) 2019-08-22 - 2019.

  • Stein, Barbara S.. Visions of integration: How immigrants make sense of a new landscape. (fulltekst) 2017.