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Evert Mul

Norges fiskerihøgskole


During my PhD I will be studying humpback whale and killer whale movement in Norwegian waters, and how their movement overlaps with human activities. Telemetry data from these whales will be used as primary input for ecological niche models, which aim to link whale movement to environmental characteristics.

Arbeider i CRIStin

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  • Biuw, Martin; Renaud, Paul Eric; Renner, Angelika; Wiedmann, Ingrid; Skardhamar, Jofrid; Zhou, Q.; Gjelland, Karl Øystein; Jones, Elizabeth; Dunlop, Katherine Mary; Mul, Evert; Walker, Zoe. An integrated ecosystem understanding of a northern fjord receiving massive winter herring and whale arrivals (weShare, WHALE, EFFECT projects in the Fram Centre Fjord & Coast flagship). Fjord i Nord Symposium 2018-04-17 - 2018-04-18 2018.

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