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Poto, Margherita

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In the past seventeen years I have developed an extensive research and academic experience worldwide, first working as a project assistant, then progressively as a team leader and principal investigator in internationally funded research projects, in cooperation with academic institutions, research institutes, international organisations, governmental and non-governmental organisations (among others: Universities in Italy, Europe, Asia, Africa, Canada and North America; international organisations such as the ITC-ILO, World Bank).

My research and academic activity has been focusing on regulatory issues connected to international and comparative public law, governance and regulation in sensitive areas (indigenous rights, nature rights, right to a safe environment, right to food, global health, ethics in public contracts, supervision in financial markets); contract law, torts, property law and liability rules (both of States and individuals). My professional experience as a lawyer and legal consultant covered also the different sectors of private law (family law, property law, contract and torts), administrative law and civil procedure.

In addition to it, I have also more than ten years’ experience as legal counsel and external consultant for private companies, academic institutions and international organisations supporting transition economies to implement global regulatory standards.


My current research interests cover the fields of ocean governance, climate change and indigenous law, comparative administrative Law, environmental law and sustainability, Arctic governance and the role of non-State actors, food safety, food security and sustainability in the Arctic and beyond. I am particularly interested in the development of new methodological approaches to law, that encompass indigenous methodologies, intra-comparative analysis, community and gender-based research.

 In the past, my investigation covered global administrative law dynamics (at the intersect of International, European and National law), regulatory issues on the integration of Conventional and Traditional medicine in EU and in China; ethics in Public Procurement (International and National Law); financial supervision in the European market (Regulatory frameworks, legal dynamics, sociological studies on the role of independent administrative authorities).


2016-2019 The Arctic University of Norway, UiT, Tromsø. Lecturer to Master and LLM Students in the Course JUR-3622; Lecturer to PhD Students JUR-8008; Havressursrett JUR-3618


International Environmental Law and Climate Change in the Arctic (JUR-3622; Master Students, LLM, Exchange Students with diversified legal background)
Course content: International Environmental Law and its relationship with other regimes (human rights, criminal law, trade);  Arctic Environmental Governance; the Arctic Council and the Participation of Indigenous Groups; Sami Participation in International and Norwegian Decision Making Processes; Nature’s Rights in the Arctic Governance; interactions between different levels of environmental regulation and governance (international, EU, national, transnational and local level); Indigenous Law and Interactions between Western and Indigenous Legal Cultures.


Introduction to Comparative Law and Scandinavian Legal Thinking (PhD Students)
Course Content: Key Principles Comparative Law; Legal Taxonomies and Legal Families; Legal Pluralism; Common Law and Civil Law characteristics; Characteristics of the Scandinavian Legal System; Nordic Legal Cooperation and European Harmonisation; Nordic Law in European Context; Sami Law and Methodology; Scandinavian Legal Realism.

Seafood Law; Introduction to general Food Law; Food Safety, Food Security, Food Sovereignty; International Food Law; EU Food Law; Norwegian Food Law (Matlov); Fisheries and Seafood


For further teaching experience, teaching portfolio and teaching methods, see attached cv.

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