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Michael Stylidis

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In 2007, I obtained a Doctor of Medicine degree from Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky, Simferopol, Ukraine. From 2009 until 2015, I worked as MD in Crimea State Medical University Clinic. My interests are Echocardiography and Cardiology.

From September 2015, I started my Ph.D. research in University of Tromsø with the main topic of assessing differences in cardiovascular risk factors in the general populations of Russia and Norway and associations to indices of heart failure with or without preserved ejection fraction. That project is a part of the international project on cardiovascular disease (CVD) in Russia. My Ph.D. project deals with echocardiographic analysis between Tromsø 7 study and data from Russian studies. The primary aim is to define specific cardiovascular phenotype differences between patients from both countries; that could describe possible factors that have an influence on cardiovascular mortality rates in Russia, which are the highest in the World nowadays.


Echocardiography, Cardiology, Cardiovascular diseases epidemiology.



The Arctic University of Norway (UiT), Tromsø, Norway. (2015 - till present time) Ph.D. program. Department of Community Medicine. Faculty of Health Sciences. 

Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky, Ukraine. Licentiate degree. (Duration of studying: 2009-2012. Thesis: Structural and functional characteristics of heart and hormonal activity of adipose tissue in patients with metabolic syndrome)

Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky, Ukraine Magister of Medicine. (Duration of studying: 2007-2009. Thesis: Features of remodeling and functional state of myocardium in patients with arterial hypertension and metabolic syndrome)

Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky, Ukraine. Master program. Doctor of Medicine degree (Hons) (M.D. Duration of studying: 2001-2007)


12/2009 till 08/2015

Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky

Project Leader of Internal Medicine No1 Department


The extent of teaching: 30 hours per week appx.
The level of education (Magister Degree, Diploma with Distinction) Teaching of students.
Leading tutor in Cardiology, Pulmonology and Nephrology modules.

Width of instruction (Lecture, practice courses, consulting)

Development of courses or course modules.
Choice of teaching, examination or evaluation forms– both types, mainly evaluation;
Creation of educational materials or processing of content about current research or professional practice.
Experience administering training, such as responsibility for courses.
Participation in educational development.:


Internal Medicine Doctor in Crimea State Medical University Clinic. Ultrasound diagnostics specialist. 06/2009 – 08/2015

Crimea State Medical University named after S.I. Georgievsky Internship on Family Medicine and Internal Medicine Department, Faculty of Postgraduate Education 09/2007-06/2009


Ultrasound Diagnostics:

Echocardiography, abdominal ultrasound

Internal Medicine, Cardiology:

(Diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems)

Laboratory Work:

Immunoassay, Flow cytometry, animal model experience applied statistical methods


English: fluent 

Russian: fluent 

Ukrainian: fluent

Arbeider i CRIStin

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  • Publikasjoner utenfor Cristin

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