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  • Barstad, Trond Elling; Nilssen, Arne Claus. Hibernation adaptation and eclosion synchrony in leaf-galling sawflies in subarctic Norway. Polar Biology 2012; Volum 35 (7). ISSN 0722-4060.s 1097 - 1103.s doi: 10.1007/s00300-012-1157-8.

  • Liston, A. D.; Knight, G. T.; Heibo, E.; Bland, K. P.; Barstad, T.-E.; Blank, S. M.; Boevé, J.-L.; Fiedler, C.; Grearson, K. J.; Halstead, A. D.; Jacobs, H.-J.; Jansen, E.; Lønnve, O.; Prous, M.; Robinson, J.; Taeger, A.. On Scottish sawflies, with results of the 14th International Sawfly Workshop, in the southern Highlands, 2010. Beiträge zur Entomologie 2012; Volum 62 (1). ISSN 0005-805X.s 1 - 68.

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