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The molecular mechanism of host plant infection by the parasitic angiosperm Cuscuta

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  • Risan Johnsen, Hanne; Ketelsen, Bernd; Olsen, Stian; Vidal-Melgosa, Silvia; Fangel, Jonatan U; Willats, William GT; Rose, Jocelyn KC; Krause, Kirsten. Cell wall composition profiling of parasitic giant dodder (Cuscuta reflexa) and its hosts: a priori differences and induced changes. New Phytologist 2015. ISSN 0028-646X.s doi: 10.1111/nph.13378.

  • Olsen, Stian. Expression of cell wall-related genes mark the initiation of haustorium development in Cuscuta reflexa. PlantBio 2014 2014-11-03 - 2014-11-04 2014.

  • Olsen, Stian; Krause, Kirsten. Artificial induction of haustoria in the parasitic angiosperm Cuscuta: A molecular study of haustoriogenesis. Black Forest Summer School on Bioinformatics for Molecular Biologists 2013-09-10 - 2013-09-13 2013.

  • Ketelsen, Bernd; Olsen, Stian; Fischer, Karsten; Krause, Kirsten. Correlation between 16S/18S rDNA ratio and chloroplast copy numbers in cotyledons of Arabidopsis thaliana: use for assessment of the impact of cytokinin response factor 5 on chloroplast development. Endocytobiosis and cell research 2012; Volum 22. ISSN 0256-1514.s 43 - 47.

  • Olsen, Stian; Yin, Lan; Krause, Kirsten. The dually targeted transcription factor TF1 and its role in the expression of plastid- and nuclear-encoded photosynthesis genes. PlantBio 2012 2012-10-17 - 2012-10-18 2012.

  • Olsen, Stian; Krause, Kirsten. Analysis of plastid DNA content in barley primary leaves using laser dissection microscopy. Molecular Genetics of Chloroplasts and Mitochondria 2009-09-20 - 2009-09-23 2009.

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