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Hansen, Merethe Selnes

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Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Hansen, Merethe Selnes; Licaj, Idlir; Braaten, Tonje; Langhammer, Arnulf; Marchand, Loic Le; Gram, Inger Torhild. Sex differences in risk of smoking-related lung cancer: results from a cohort of 600,000 Norwegians. American Journal of Epidemiology 2017. ISSN 0002-9262.s doi: 10.1093/aje/kwx339.

  • Hansen, Merethe Selnes; Licaj, Idlir; Gram, Inger Torhild; Braaten, Tonje; Langhammer, Arnulf; Le Marchand, Loic. Smoking and risk of lung cancer, according to cell type by gender in a Norwegian cohort of 600,000 participants. IARC 50th Anniversary Conference 2016-06-07 - 2016-06-10 2016.

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