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Ragazzi, Rossella

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Tromsø Museum Universitetsmuseet
9037 Tromsø

Telefon 0047 77 64 55 78
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Museologi, visuelle antropologi, migrasjon, film, barndom, Kulturminner.


PhD, 2005

Professional Membership:

Member of the European Association of Social Anthropology: EASA.

Member of the Commission for Visual Anthropology, CVA.

Member of the Comité du Film Ethnographique, CFE, Musée de l'Homme.

Member of the Italian Association of Museal Anthropology, SIMBDEA.

Member of the Nordic Anthropological Film Association, NAFA.


Languages: Italian, French, English, Norwegian, Spanish

Biografiske data

Born in Rome, Italy in 1965

Andre publikasjoner

Recent publications

‘Memory, Resistance and Speaking the ‘Self'. Migrant Children's Accounts of a shifted place-time', In: Postma, Metje and P.I. Crawford (eds.), 'Reflecting Visual Ethnography - using the camera in anthropological research', Leiden & Hoejbjerg: CNWS Press and Intervention Press.2006

"Dwelling between Barn and Kitchen. Phenomenological perspectives in the making of the anthropological film: At Home in the World'' in Challenging Situatedness: Gender, Culture and the Production of Knowledge. Engelstad, Ericka and Siri Gerrard, (editors). Eburon Press, Delft. 2005. Distributed by University of Chicago Press.

"Migrant Children and the Performance of Memory: Film Fieldwork" in Grossman and O'Brien (eds.). In: "Projecting Migration: Transcultural Media Practice". Wallflower Press London. 2007.

"Il Futuro del Cinema Etnografico" in Antropologia Museale, special edition, Italy, October 2006.

"Toward Pedagogical Awareness: Teaching Cine-ethnography" in: Visual Anthropology Review, 23.1 June 2007. Berkely, University of California Press.

"Una serie di flash back verité: Jean Rouch'. In: Lares. Rivista di Antropologia. Edizioni Olski, Firenze 2004.

Among her recent  documentaries and anthropological films

"La Mémoire Dure"     DVD or Beta Sp, 82'     France Year: 2000

Special Prize of the Jury, International Anthropological Film Festival Nuoro, 2000

"At home in the World"             Digi DVD  63'     Norway,  Year: 2003

"Walking on Uneven Paths" Dvcam 6 hours  Ireland, Year 2005

"Firekeepers" Digital Beta, 57 min.   Norway, Sonar Film DA, 2007

Last documentary film
Norway 2007 | 57min | Sonar Film

Synopsis: The joik, a traditional Sámi song form, has recently become more widely heard, mainly due to the popularity of the band Adjagas. This documen-tary film explores a fascinating, evolving mode of performance that is a healing force for the Sámi people. The documentary follows young joikers Sara Marielle Gaup and Lawra Somby of Adjagas from the stage to their homes to reveal how issues of colonization, identity, endangered language and spirituality are bound up with their music.


30.08.07 Performing Nature in the worlds peripheries, Universitetet i Oslo

16.09.08 Premiere på Verdensteater. Lukket arrangement.

26.10.07 Institutt for flerkulturell kommunikasjon og kulturstudier, NTNU, Trondheim

1.10. 07 Siida Museum, Enare, Finland

18.10.07 Kino Athena, Tartu Estonia

01.12.07 Museumsnatt, Tromsø Museum, Tromsø

16 & 19.01.08 Tromsø Internasjonale Filmfestival

25.01.08  Inari Film  Festival

26.01.08 Fondazione Cini (; Venezia, Italia

01.02.08 Visual Cultural Studies dept. Institute of Social Anthropology.

04.02.08  Høgskolen I Tromsø. Seminar Videreutdanning i Helse og Samfunnsvitenskap.

07.02.08 Tromsø Universitet Museum. Forskningseminar,  Kultur Vitenskap seksjon.

03.02.08 Kulturhistorisk Museum, Oslo

10.02.08 Samisk søndag; Norsk Folkemuseum; Oslo

22.02.08 Verdensteater. Lukket Arrangement Fylkes Kommune Kultur Avdeling.

28.02.08 Sami Linguistic Documentation Seminar. Hum. Fak, Tromsø University

03.03.08 Culcom (Kulturell Kompleksitet i nye Norge) forskerseminar; Universitet i Oslo


16.05.08International Workshop:Indigeneity and "Indianness" in the World: Old Stories, New     Dialogues, Oslo/Tromsø University

31.05.08 "Breaking the Bareers" international conference , Isafiordur Museum, Iceland

02.06.08 Reykiavik Nordic House. Icelandic-Sami forening

05.06.08 NIFF, Nepalese Indigenous Film Festival 2008. Kathmandu, Nepal.

July 2008 Riddu Riddu Festival, Manndal, Troms.

August 2008: Santa Fé Indigenous Film Festival, U.S.

October 2008  Moscow International Anthropological Film Festival and Symposium. University of Moscow

Ocober 2008 S. Gimignano, University of Siena, International Symposium: Ars Videndi

October 2008  Joensuu, Carelia, Finland. Vis Cult Festival of Visual Culture

October 2008 Taiwann Indigenous Music and Film Festival.

October 2008 Barcelona. Stiges. Medimed Forum.

March 2009 : Australian National University, ANU, School of Humanities

Last papers presented to a conference/symposium:
"Walking on Uneven Paths: the Transcultural Experience of Migrant Children in France and Ireland". In: Visualising Childhood, International Symposium.
Venue: The Centre for Cross-Cultural Research, School of Humanities. The Australian National University. Canberra, April 2007

"Audio-visual representation of childdren's improvised activities: considerations and methodologies".
Venue: University of Manchester. Royal Anthropological Institute anthropological film conference. June 2007


Music & Poetry, Medecine and Healing, Childhood and Pedagogy and Marine Knowledge

Forskerprofil i Cristin

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Arbeider i CRIStin

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