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Waage, Trond

Institutt for sosiologi, statsvitenskap og samfunnsplanlegging


 Nord Norge, Vest og Central Afrika (Kamerun og Den sentralafrikanske republikk)

Etnisitet, ungdom, globalisering, konflikter og urbanisering

Visuell Antropologi og inkluderende visuelle metoder i forskning. Lokalsamfunnsdialoger




Youth Gaze:

The utelization of "film dialouge" as creative strategy for developing scientific understanding of youths identity and culture in Northern Norway

a collaboration between Visual Cultural Studies, Institute of Psychology and the outgoing social service in Tromsø.

Le frequance du plataux…”

a film research project on journalists working on their ethnic languages a local radio station in Ngaoundéré, Cameroon

The project seek to portray the importance of this radio station plays for peaceful social integration of the highly differentiated population in this multi ethnic region.

'Les Mairuuwa '-Life at a water tap in Urban Africa

United Nations has decided that the fight against urban poverty in third world countries shall be given the highest priority. But what kind of social consequences does it take to be poor in urban Africa?

The project have followed a group of young men/boys, coming from Chad and The Central African Republic to Ngaoundéré, in Cameroon to work at a watertap in a Muslim quarter, over several years. What these boys have is their bodies to work with ant the friendship with other boys like themselves. In 2009 where 6 months film fieldwork conducted following their everyday activities and their network over long time

The project wants to contribute to a analysis of the various ways of adapting among the extreme poor in a fast growing African city. We have learned those perceived the most “successful” are those living lives that are perceived as respectful and legitimate by the local/native population.  They are conducting the work of the former slaves and as such contributing to both reproducing the ancient social system but also to social stability and security in the quarter.  Those who “choose” illegitimate life strategies are forced to move on, to the next quarter or the next city.

Alternativ kontaktinformasjon

Biografiske data

Trond is associated professor at VCS and holds a Ph.D in Social Anthropology with specialization in Visual Anthropology. Trond has done research in Northern Norway and Northern Cameroon, where he has explored the themes of youths, urbanisation, ethnicity, gender, religion and visual anthropology.

He defended his PhD thesis on youth culture and urbanisation in the highly heterogeneous town Ngaoundéré in Northern Cameroon in September 2003. In this work Trond has worked intensively with seven different youth milieus, consisting members of eleven ethnic groups, Muslim and Christians, students and illiterates, immigrants and "natives", all this to identify development of identity and group dynamics in this culturally highly complex setting. All these milieus have been studied through the use of different visual tools.

His Ph.D work includes a thesis consisting of photos from all these milieus, two films and one photo-documentary. The first film is about motorsycletaxidrivers in Ngaoundéré, titled: "Se débroiller dans l' illégalite: Baba Uba un mototaximan". This film is made with associated professor at University of Maroua, Cameroon, Mahmoudou Djingui. The second film is about a schoolteacher working in a village where the population are sceptical and reluctant towards western education, this film is called: "The Master said that". Thirdly the photo-documentary with a soundtrack that is made together with the unemployed man photographed, titled "Struggle for a living". The film can be seen here:

Trond has worked at the Department of Social Anthropology and been connected to Visual Cultural Studies since 1994, participating in the development of the programme and teaching different subjects. Since 2006 has Trond also teaching experience in Visual Anthroplogy from University of Bamako, Mali.

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