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Nils Vidar Vambheim

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Nils Vidar Vambheim. Curriculum Vitae.



Degree: PhD; Title: Associate Professor

Permanent position:
- The Department of Education, Faculty of Humanities, Social science and Education AND
   the Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), University of Tromsø (UiT) - The Arctic University of Norway.

Fields of specialisation: Sociology of Education; Peace Studies, Socially Oriented Didactics.   

Tel: +47 7764.5249 / + 47 7764.5888 (office 2); +47 4521.9633 (mobile)

Citizenship: Norwegian


Born: 21st of June, 1953, Bergen, Norway 


Key Qualifications


-       PhD in Social Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Faculty of Social Science and Technology Management.

-       PhD courses in Conflict Theory, Theories of reproduction in Education and Methodologies in Social Science: Case studies, qualitative methods (interviews, field research), quantitative methods (survey methods, structural equations), research ethics.

-       MA in Sociology;  Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), 1986.


Teaching experience (University Level):

1991-1996: University Lecturer, Department of Education, UiT. Lectures + supervision.

1996-2014: Associate Professor; Department of Education, UiT.

2001-2002:  Course construction, program construction and internal quality control, UiT:
                     BA-program in Education, MA program in Peace Studies (program board).

2002-2004; 2010-2018: Resident Peace Scholar at the Centre for Peace Studies, UiT.

1979-2018: Teaching and supervision, all levels of education (from primary school to
                   University Level, Graduate degree studies).

English taught MA courses at the University of Tromso:

                      Education, Development and Peace (MA level, 10 credits); Department of
                      Education, UiT.
                      Introduction to Peace Studies; Centre for Peace Studies, UiT (part of the MA
                      course “Introduction to Peace Studies”)

                      Peace Education (part of the MA course “Conflict Resolution and Conflict
                      Transformation”); Centre for Peace Studies, UiT.

Supervision BA level: Annually 1994-2015. Norwegian and English speaking students.

Supervision: 46 MA theses/candidates completed. Se enclosed list of names/topics.

Board of examiners/evaluation: All university levels (except PhD level)
                      1994-2015. Several engagements as examiner at the BA and MA level at the
                      Norwegian University of Technology and Science.


Research: See list of publications.


Academic positions (chronological).

- 1991-94: Scholarship at Department Education, University of Tromsø.

- 1994-97: Assistant professor at the University of Tromsø, Department of Education.

- 1997-2014: Associate Professor at the University of Tromsø, Department of Education.

- 2001-2002: Development of MA program in Peace Studies and Centre for Peace Studies

            (CPS), Faculty of Social Science. Academic coordinator.

-  2003- 2004: Academic Director, Centre for Peace Studies (CPS), Uit.

-  2002-2010: Associate Professor, Centre for Peace Studies.

-  2010-2013: Resident Scholar, Associate Professor; the Centre for Peace Studies, UiT.
-  2013-2015: Associate Professor (teaching and supervision), Centre for Peace Studies, UiT.

-  2012-2015: Member of the International Research Group on Reintegration (IRGR), an
                       interdisciplinary expert team on reintegration after war.



External teaching engagements (outside the UiT):
2004 : Lectures in Peace Education: The European Peace University, Schlaining, Austria.

2006: Lecture at Hokkaido Tokai University, Sapporo, Japan: Norwegian Peace Policy

2006-2008: Lectures at Department of Education, Norwegian University of
                   Technology and Science (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway.Ref.: Professor Magnus
                   Haavelsrud,   Dept. of Education, NTNU.

2012: January. Lecture on video link to “The Global Campus”, Tokyo Institute of Foreign
          Studies, Tokyo, Japan. Lecture transferred via video link to students in Tokyo, Phnom
          Penh and Mumbai.

2014: October. Lectures at the Winter School, Petrozavodsk State University, Russia.
          Organizer/Project: The Barents Peace Education Network, Russian partner at
          Petrozavodsk State University.

2016: June. Lectures at the Toyo University, Hakusan Campus, Faculty of Law, Tokyo.



Research projects

1986-1991: Research for educational development projects in North Norway (Troms and
                     Finnmark counties). Ref.: Project leader Asbjørn Lanes, Lyngen, Norway.

1992-1997: Project “Finnmark as Educational Region”; Education in fishing communities.
                   Ref: Professor em. Magnus Haavelsrud, Dept. of Education, Norw. University
                   of Technology and Science (NTNU).

2000-2005: Education and future-oriented identity construction among adolescents.
                   (Norwegian Research Council).  Ref.: Professor em. Edmund Edvardsen, UiT.


2009-2017: Conflict and violence in schools, nations and in international politics (ongoing):
1) Theories of violence; theories of peace.

2) The problem of asymmetric conflict and violence:
     a) Bullying: Causes, consequences, intervention; b) Terrorism vs. dialogue

3) Education and modernization processes.
4) Education and identity.

4) Educational aspects of disarmament, demobilization and reintegration of ex-combatants.



Construction of University courses and programs:

- University courses in Education and Peace Studies – graduate and undergraduate (UiT).
- 2001-2002: Responsible for constructing the MA program in Peace and Conflict
                      Transformation, (UiT, 2001/02). 120 ECTS credit points.

- Taught 3 courses in Peace and Conflict Transformation ( UiT 2001-2003).

- Courses: MA and BA course in “Education, Development and Peace”:
                                    Ped-3009 and Ped-2009. Se course description at the UiT here: 
                                                     and here:



Teaching experience, all levels:

- 1979-1990: Teacher; primary and secondary school: Social studies, foreign languages (English and German): Total experience from primary and secondary education: 7 years

- 1979-80: Headmaster of primary school: 1 year.

- 1993-1997: University lecturer, Dept. of Education, UiT.

- 1997- 2016: Associate professor, Dept. of Education, UiT.
- 2002-2004 and 2006-2016: Associate Professor at the Centre for Peace Studies, UiT.



- 1996-2017 Supervised 46 successful MA Theses/candidates to successful completion.
                    13 candidates in Education (60 ECTS credits); 33 candidates in Peace and
                     Conflict Transformation (Peace Studies) (40 ECTS credits).
                     See detailed list of candidates and themes/MA thesis titles.

-  2016: PhD: Gunnar Rekvig: The Nordic Peace. Approaches, Solutions, and Principles
              of Conflict Transformation. PhD dissertation at the Tokyo University of Foreign
              Studies, June 2016.


International projects and research stays abroad:

- 1999 (fall): Sabbatical at the Humboldt University, Berlin. Ref.: Prof. J. Schriever,
       Humboldt University.  Project: Peace Studies. Contributions from the High North.

- 2004: Member of two delegations from the UiT for a health and education project in
      Batticaloa, Sri Lanka. Ref.: Elisabeth Sandersen, head of admin. CPS, UiT.

- 2006 (spring): Sabbatical at the University of California at Berkeley. Project: Peace
      Education. Ref.: Prof. Trond Petersen and Prof. Michael Nagler, UC Berkeley.

- 2006: Guest Lecture at the University of Hokkaido, Sapporo: Norwegian Peace Policy

- 2014-2016: Visits and guest Lectures at: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo
                      and Toyo University, Faculty of Law, Hakusan Campus, Tokyo
- 2012-2016: Member of the International Research Group on Reintegration.
     Ref.: Professor Tone Bleie, CPS.  (Tel.: 047- 93484855).
- 2013-2016: The Barents Peace Education Project: A quadrilateral University project
     in peace studies in the Barents Region, connecting peace research on peace,
     history and social studies at the universities of Tromso, Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and
    Petrozavodsk. Joint research projects and university courses are under development.
    Ref.: Elisabeth Sandersen, Head of admin., CPS, UiT.
- 2011-2016: Several visits to Tokyo, to develop/prepare research coop and exchange
                        agreement with Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS) and Toyo
- Spring 2017: Received and taught 12 exchange students from Toyo and TUFS at the Uit.
                        Course: Ped-2009 (10 ECTS credits.).  Course program - see footnote[1]
                       Detailed teaching program available on communication to Vambheim.
- 2016-17. Exchange Agreement between the UiT, Faculty of Humanities, Social Science and
                  Education. To be finalized fall 2017/spring 2018.


Boards and Committee Work at the University level/University of Tromso:

- 1997-1999:   Vice-chair, Department of Education, Faculty of Social Science, UiT.
- 1999-2000:   Committee work, Faculty of Social Science, UiT: Development of an MA
                        program in Peace and Conflict Studies at the University of Tromso. 

- 2007-2009:   Program Board, MA program and BA program, Dept. of Education, UiT.
- 2011-2017:   Program Board: MA Program in Peace and Conflict Transformation, Centre
                        for Peace Studies, UiT. Several periods 2004-2015.


Board of Editors: Humanitatis Borealis - an electronic scientific journal of the Institute of Northern European Studies, University of Petrozavodsk, Russia. Ref.: Professor Jurij Kilin, University of Petrozavodsk, Russian Federation.


Global Advisory Board: Human Dignity and Humiliation Studies (HDHS). Ref.: Dr. Evelin Gerda Lindner. Internet ref.:


External Evaluation Committee: Evaluation of the MA program in Peace and Conflict Studies
  (PECOS), University of Oslo (2006).


Distinction: U-Thant Peace Award 2007 for a lifetime of dedication and world service.
Ref.: Ole-Johnny Olsen. E-mail:  



Vambheim, V. (2016). Studies in Conflict, Violence, and Peace. Dissertation for the degree Philisophiae Doctor. The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway.  


Vambheim, V. (2011). War on Terror(ism) – or dialogue? Security Dialogues no. 3. Skopje: Department of Philosophy, Ss. Cyril and Methodius University. Internet version:


Vambheim, V. (2001). Skolens kjønn og kjønnenes utdanning. UNIPED no. 2, p.18-31. 
(Title translated to English: The Gender of School and the Education of Boys and Girls).


Sommerfelt, O.H. and Vambheim, V. (2008): The Dream of the Good. A Peace Education Project exploring the potential to educate for peace at an individual level. Journal of Peace Education Vol 5 No. 1 2008, p. 79-96. Taylor and Francis.


Edvardsen, E and Vambheim, V. (2006): Framtidsrettet identitetsutforming blant ungdom i ulike oppvekstmiljø. (Title translated to English: Future Oriented Identity Construction among Youth growing up in different Social Environments).


Vambheim, V. (2005). Elevstemmer. En statistisk oversikt og analyse av elevsvar i prosjektet ”Framtidsorientert Identitetsutforming blant ungdom i ulike oppvekstmiljø.” Universitety of Tromso, Institute of Education.
(Title translated to English: Students’ voices. A statistical overview and analysis of student responses in the project Future Oriented Identity Construction among Youth growing up in different Social Environments).


Vambheim, Vidar (2006). Identitet og Framtid. Noen Kvantitative Sammenhenger. Rapport i prosjektet «Framtidsrettet Identitetsutvikling blant Ungdom i Ulike Oppvekstmiljø». (upubl.).

Edvardsen, E., Vambheim, V., Hovdenak, S. (2007). Identitet og Framtid. Faglig sluttrapport fra forskningsprosjektet «Framtidsrettet Identitetsutvikling blant Ungdom i Ulike Oppvekstmiljø». 
(Title translated to English: Identity and Future. Some quantitative connections. A Report in the project Future Oriented Identity Construction among Youth growing up in different Social Environments).


Vambheim, Vidar (1994). Dropp inn - dropp ut? Tiltak for å minske frafall i videregående skole. Konferanserapport, sammendrag og forskningsmessige konsekvenser av det vi vet om frafall i videregående skole. Alta, des. 1994. Vadsø: Fylkesskolesjefen i Finnmark 1994.
(Title translated to English: Drop in - drop out? Measures to reduce drop-out rates in Upper Secondary Education. Conference Report, Abstract of Papers, State-of Knowledge and its Consequences for Research).

Vambheim, V. (1995). Overgangen til videregående utdanning og arbeidsliv i 16-19-årsgruppa i Finnmark. En empirisk studie med hovedvekt på kystområdene. Tromsø: Institutt for samfunnsvitenskap, Universitetet i Tromsø.
(Title translated to English: Transition from Lower to Upper Secondary School. An Empirical Study with primary emphasis on the Coastal Areas of Finnmark, Norway).



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