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Kjersti Lian


Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Wissuwa, Juliane; Stokke, Runar; Fedøy, Anita-Elin; Lian, Kjersti; Smalås, Arne O.; Steen, Ida Helene. Isolation and complete genome sequence of the thermophilic Geobacillus sp. 12AMOR1 from an Arctic deep-sea hydrothermal vent site. Standards in Genomic Sciences 2016; Volum 11:16. ISSN 1944-3277.s 1 - 12.s doi: 10.1186/s40793-016-0137-y.

  • Lian, Kjersti; Leiros, Hanna-Kirsti S.; Moe, Elin. MutT from the fish pathogen Aliivibrio salmonicida is a cold-active nucleotide-pool sanitization enzyme with unexpectedly high thermostability. FEBS Open Bio 2015; Volum 5. ISSN 2211-5463.s 107 - 116.s doi: 10.1016/j.fob.2015.01.006.

  • Niiranen, Laila; Lian, Kjersti; Johnson, Kenneth A; Moe, Elin. Crystal structure of the DNA polymerase III β subunit (β-clamp) from the extremophile Deinococcus radiodurans. BMC Structural Biology 2015; Volum 15 (5). ISSN 1472-6807.s doi: 10.1186/s12900-015-0032-6.

  • Williamson, Adele Kim; Leiros, Hanna-Kirsti S.; Hjerde, Erik; Lian, Kjersti; Ramirez, Miguel A.; Patrick, Wayne M.. Beyond T4: discovery and design of DNA ligases for use in biotechnological applications. EMBO Conference Series: The biochemistry and chemistry of biocatalysis: From understanding to design 2016-06-12 - 2016-06-15 2016.

  • Wissuwa, Juliane; Stokke, Runar; Fedøy, Anita-Elin; Altermark, Bjørn; De Santi, Concetta; Lian, Kjersti; de Pascale, Donatella; Smalås, Arne O.; Steen, Ida Helene. Screening of new α-amylases from deep-sea hydrothermal vents by multiple (meta)-genomic tools. Bioprosp 2015 2015-02-18 - 2015.

  • Lian, Kjersti. Forsker på superbakterie. 2015.

  • Lian, Kjersti; Os, vibeke. Forsker på verdens tøffeste bakterie. (fulltekst) 2015.

  • Lian, Kjersti. Verdens tøffeste bakterie. 2012.

  • Pedersen, Hege Lynum; Niiranen, Laila; Lian, Kjersti; Sarre, Aili; Timmins, Joanna; McSweeney, Sean; Smalås, Arne O.; Moe, Elin. Protein interaction studies of BER proteins from the extreme radiation resistant bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans. Biocrys 2010 Fundamentals of Modern Methods of Biocrystallography 2010-06-09 - 2010-06-16 2010.

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