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Mathias Bockwoldt

Arktisk og marin biologi


Stipendiat innen biotechnologi/bioinformatikk.


Phylogenetic Analysis of Pathways

Metabolic pathways and enzymatic networks can be very complicated and hard to analyse with normal methods. But all networks, however complex they may be, evolved from easier pathways that can still be found nowadays in “lower” organisms. With the immense efforts to sequence virtually all known species on this planet, we are able to reconstruct the evolution of proteins as parts of pathways and other networks and thus find out, which parts may be more important than others.

We develop a method to perform such phylogenetic analyses on arbitrary pathways or networks. With this method, we analyse pathways like the NAD salvage pathway or parts of the notoriously complicated mTOR network.

In addition, we look into plastid phosphate transporter.

Other projects

I also work on different other projects.

Developing and Deploying a webservice to integrate research data into mathematical models. The webservice SBMLmod was co-developed by me and others and I am responsible for deployment.

Transcriptome analysis of non-model organisms. Assembly (genome guided or de novo) and differential expression analysis.

Simulation and analysis of time-dependent expression data.


2014 – 2018 Stipendiat innen biotechnology/bioinformatics ved UiT

2010 – 2013 M.Sc. i Biokjemi og molekylærbiologi ved Universitetet i Kiel, DE; jeg var et semester ved UiT

2007 – 2010 B.Sc. i Biokjemi og molekylærbiologi ved Universitetet i Kiel, DE

Priser og utmerkelser

Registration Fee Waiver Grant SysBio 2016

Poster Prize 1. Place at the ISGSB 2016

UiT BFE utenlandsstipend 2017


I taught in the laboratory and seminars of the bachelor courses "Introduction to cell biology" and "Introduction to microbiology" (both MBI-1001). Also gave lectures and seminars for the master and PhD course "Environmental molecular genetics" (BIO-3018/BIO-8018).

In addition, I helped at a Python course for biologists at the University of Sheffield, UK.

Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Schäuble, Sascha; Stavrum, Anne-Kristin; Bockwoldt, Mathias; Puntervoll, Pål; Heiland, Ines. SBMLmod: a Python-based web application and web service for efficient data integration and model simulation. BMC Bioinformatics 2017; Volum 18:314. ISSN 1471-2105.s 1 - 8.s doi: 10.1186/s12859-017-1722-9.

  • Salgado, Alejandro Flores; Bockwoldt, Mathias; Hagen, Live Heldal; Pope, Phillip; Sundset, Monica Alterskjær. A first insight into the fecal microbiota of the high Arctic muskoxen (Ovibos moschatus). Microbial Genomics 2016. ISSN 2057-5858.s doi: 10.1099/mgen.0.000066.

  • Gossmann, Toni Ingolf; Afanasyeva, Arina; Bockwoldt, Mathias; Heiland, Ines; Chris, Cooney. Human intrinsically long disordered protein regions are frequent targets of positive selection. Annual Meeting of the Society for Molecular Biology and Evolution 2017 2017-07-02 - 2017-07-06 2017.

  • Bockwoldt, Mathias; Heiland, Ines. Phylogenetic Analysis of NAD biosynthesis and consumption. NBS contact meeting 2016-01-21 - 2016-01-23 2016.

  • Heiland, Ines; Bockwoldt, Mathias; Puntervoll, Pål; Schäuble, Sascha; Stavrum, Anne-Kristin. Tissue specific models of Trp- and NAD-metabolism — insights into metabolic crosstalk.. 2016 Conference on Computational Modelling with COPASI 2016-05-12 - 2016-05-13 2016.

  • Bockwoldt, Mathias; Heiland, Ines; Toni, Gossmann; Ziegler, Mathias. Phylogenetic and simulation-based analysis of NAD metabolism. ISGSB 2016 2016-10-04 - 2016-10-07 2016.

  • Heiland, Ines; Bockwoldt, Mathias; Stavrum, Anne-Kristin; Puntervoll, Pål; Ziegler, Mathias. Tissue specific models of Tryptohan-metabolism — insights into metabolic crosstalk. COPASI User conference 2016-05-12 - 2016-05-13 2016.

  • Bockwoldt, Mathias; Stavrum, Anne-Kristin; Gossmann, Toni I.; Ziegler, Mathias; Heiland, Ines. Dynamics of NAD-metabolism - everything but constant. Metabolic Pathway Analysis (omtale) 2015-06-08 - 2015-06-12 2015.

  • Bockwoldt, Mathias; Heiland, Ines. Phylogenetic Analysis of NAD biosynthesis and consumption. Norbis Annual Meeting 2015-10-28 - 2015-10-30 2015.

  • Bockwoldt, Mathias; Heiland, Ines. Use of resampling to improve accuracy of data analysis in time course experiments. European Biological Rhythms Sociecty Congress and World Congress of Chronobiology 2015-08-02 - 2015-08-06 2015.

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