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Timofey Sovershaev

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Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Sovershaev, Timofey. New antidote for factor Xa inhibitors. (fulltekst) 2016.
  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Unruh, Dusten; Sveinbjørnsson, Baldur; Fallon, John T.; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Bogdanov, Vladimir Y.; Sovershaev, Mikhail. A novel role of bone morphogenetic protein-7 in the regulation of adhesion and migration of human monocytic cells. Thrombosis Research 2016; Volum 147. ISSN 0049-3848.s 24 - 31.s doi: 10.1016/j.thromres.2016.09.018.

  • Unruh, Dusten; Ünlü, Betü; Lewis, Clayton S.; Qi, Xiaoyang; Chu, Zhengtao; Sturm, Robert; Keil, Ryan; Ahmad, Syed A.; Sovershaev, Timofey; Adam, Mariette; Van Dreden, Patrick; Woodhams, Barry J.; Ramchandani, Divya; Weber, Georg F.; Rak, Janusz W.; Wolberg, Alisa S.; Mackman, Nigel; Versteeg, Henri H.; Bogdanov, Vladimir Y.. Antibody-based targeting of alternatively spliced tissue factor: A new approach to impede the primary growth and spread of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. OncoTarget 2016; Volum 7 (18). ISSN 1949-2553.s 25264 - 25275.s doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.7955.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Egorina, Elena; Unruh, D.; Bogdanov, V.Y.; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Sovershaev, Mikhail. BMP-7 induces TF expression in human monocytes by increasing F3 transcriptional activity. Thrombosis Research 2015; Volum 135 (2). ISSN 0049-3848.s 398 - 403.s doi: 10.1016/j.thromres.2014.11.031.

  • Egorina, Elena; Sovershaev, Timofey; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Sovershaev, Mikhail. BMP-2 inhibits TF expression in human monocytes by shutting down MAPK signaling and AP-1 transcriptional activity. Thrombosis Research 2012; Volum 129 (4). ISSN 0049-3848.s E106 - E111.s doi: 10.1016/j.thromres.2011.10.024.

  • Egorina, Elena; Sovershaev, Mikhail; Bogdanov, Vladimir; Sovershaev, TA; Fallon, John T.; Seredkina, Natalya; Østerud, Bjarne; Hansen, John-Bjarne. Low thrombogenicity of calcified atherosclerotic plaques is associated with bone morphogenetic protein-2-dependent inhibition of tissue factor expression. Blood Coagulation and Fibrinolysis 2011; Volum 22 (8). ISSN 0957-5235.s 642 - 650.s doi: 10.1097/MBC.0b013e32834a49fd.

  • Sovershaev, Mikhail; Egorina, Elena; Sovershaev, TA; Svensson, birgit; Hansen, John-Bjarne. Increased expression of TF in BMP-7-treated human mononuclear cells depends on activation of select MAPK signaling pathways. (sammendrag) Thrombosis Research 2011; Volum 128 (6). ISSN 0049-3848.s E154 - E159.s doi: 10.1016/j.thromres.2011.07.027.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Meknas, Dana. New medication with significantly lower bleeding rate. (fulltekst) 2017.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Meknas, Dana. Ny mulighet til å forebygge blodpropp hos hjertesyke pasienter. (fulltekst) 2017.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey. New antidote for factor Xa inhibitors. (fulltekst) 2016.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey. A semester at the University of Cincinnati. (fulltekst) 2015.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Unruh, Dusten; Bogdanov, Vladimir; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Sovershaev, Mikhail. BONE MORPHOGENETIC PROTEIN 7 UPREGULATES ADHESIVE AND MIGRATORY PROPERTIES OF HUMAN MONOCYTIC CELLS VIA β2 INTEGRIN-BMP RECEPTOR TYPE II CROSSTALK. ISTH XXV Congress 2015-06-20 - 2015-06-25 2015.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Egorina, Elena; Sovershaeva, Svetlana; Gubkina, Valentina; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Sovershaev, Mikhail. Perioperative plasma TF levels in patients with advanced coronary heart disease and heart failure subjected to off-pump coronary bypass grafting. ISTH Congress 2013-07-01 - 2013.

  • Sovershaev, Timofey; Egorina, Elena; Bogdanov, Vladimir; Hansen, John-Bjarne; Sovershaev, Mikhail. Plasma levels of bone morphogenetic proteins and circulating monocyte tissue factor in individuals with echolucent and echogenic carotid atherosclerosis. ISTH Congress 2013 2013-07-01 - 2013.

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