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Thor Gamst-Klaussen

Institutt for psykologi


Prosjekt "Prokrastinering- utsettelsesatferd- hos studenter".

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Arbeider i CRIStin

  • Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Steel, Piers; Svartdal, Frode. Procrastination and personal finances: Exploring the roles of planning and financial self-efficacy. Frontiers in Psychology 2019; Volum 10. ISSN 1664-1078.s doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00775.

  • Lamu, Admassu Nadew; Chen, Gang; Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Olsen, Jan Abel. Do country-specific preference-weights matter in the choice of mapping algorithms? The case of mapping the Diabetes-39 onto eight country-specific EQ-5D-5L value sets. (fulltekst) Quality of Life Research 2018; Volum 27 (7). ISSN 0962-9343.s 1801 - 1814.s doi: 10.1007/s11136-018-1840-5.

  • Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Gudex, Claire; Olsen, Jan Abel. Exploring the causal and effect nature of EQ-5D dimensions: an application of confirmatory tetrad analysis and confirmatory factor analysis. (fulltekst) Health and Quality of Life Outcomes 2018; Volum 16 (1). ISSN 1477-7525.s doi: 10.1186/s12955-018-0975-y.

  • Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Lamu, Admassu Nadew; Chen, Gang; Olsen, Jan Abel. Assessment of outcome measures for cost–utility analysis in depression: mapping depression scales onto the EQ-5D-5L. BJPsych Open 2018; Volum 4. ISSN 2056-4724.s 160 - 166.s doi: 10.1192/bjo.2018.21.

  • Lamu, Admassu Nadew; Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Olsen, Jan Abel. Preference Weighting of Health State Values: What Difference Does It Make, and Why?. Value in Health 2017; Volum 20 (3). ISSN 1098-3015.s 451 - 457.s doi: 10.1016/j.jval.2016.10.002.

  • Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Chen, Gang; Lamu, Admassu Nadew; Olsen, Jan Abel. Health state utility instruments compared: inquiring into nonlinearity across EQ-5D-5L, SF-6D, HUI-3 and 15D. Quality of Life Research 2015. ISSN 0962-9343.s 1 - 12.s doi: 10.1007/s11136-015-1212-3.

  • Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Rasmussen, Lene-Mari Potulski; Svartdal, Frode; Strømgren, Børge. Comparability of the Social Skills Improvement System to the Social Skills Rating System: A Norwegian Study. Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research 2014. ISSN 0031-3831.s doi: 10.1080/00313831.2014.971864.

  • Gamst-Klaussen, Thor; Rudmin, Floyd Webster. Life satisfaction and the Health Utility Index (HUI) have straight linear decrements with increasing number of co-morbid chronic illnesses. 2nd International Wellbeing and Public Policy Conference 2014-06-10 - 2014-06-12 2014.

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